Value added services (VAS) for finished products

We have built up high levels of expertise in the finishing and the modification of items. In order to increase the breadth of a range of products and guard against a deficit of promotional goods, we offer comprehensive value added services to upgrade finished products. 

Additionally, we help our customers with the presentation of their goods and provide that certain distinction through our value-added services for finished products.

Gift packaging

We offer you gift packaging so you can supply your products in an individual look according to buyers' wishes.

Display construction and stocking

For attractive presentation of merchandise to the final consumer, we build and stock displays for you and pack them ready for shipping.

Greetings cards

To give your packages a personal touch, we enclose greetings cards with your shipped merchandise at your request.

IFS certification

International Featured Standards (IFS) guarantee food safety and quality, both in production and over the entire logistics chain. Customer specifications as well as statutory regulations and directives on food handling must also be taken into account. With our IFS certification, we ensure the comparability and transparency of our services throughout the delivery chain and demonstrably maintain top standards.


Kitting is the process of forming sets of articles by combining individually separate but linked elements, packaging them, and supplying them as a single unit. BLG LOGISTICS flexibly compiles article sets to your orders.

Labeling / relabeling

We apply labels to your products, or if required relabel goods.

Leaflet inserts / targeted and non-targeted inserts

On request, we enclose leaflet inserts or other advertising material with products before shipping.

Merchandise processing

Especially for merchandise processing, we offer you a wide range of individual value-creating services. Included here are for instance applying flock finishes to textiles, or relabeling. This widens your range and minimizes the risk of failures.

Modification of textiles

BLG LOGISTICS is your expert for refining and modifying articles to create textiles that meet your wishes. We offer a wide range of services from flock finishing to repairs and cleaning.


BLG LOGISTICS packs products into new, country and customer-specific units for you in line with your requirements. 


Standard sizes don't always fit, so we repack merchandise to your requirements. We re-scale and pack products quickly, at low cost, and to your specifications. That ensures efficient consolidation, storage, and shipping.

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