We take care of your finished vehicles

In automobile logistics, we can provide an acid wash, which cleans the vehicles of industrial soiling such as abrasion debris from overhead lines following rail transport. We can also prepare vehicles for rental for you. This includes the outfitting rental vehicles, delivery inspection, and return of vehicles.

Door to Door Autotransport

With our door-to-door transport service, we transfer vehicles via our truck network directly from consignor to consignee.

Home Shipment Program

We handle the entire process of private automobile shipment from Europe to the USA / Canada. Vehicles can be dropped off at a large number of locations close to many large airports.


Our specialists with many years of experience in painting process high-quality paints and apply out-of-the ordinary colors. We offer custom solutions from individual to volume production, from small parts to body parts.

Photo shoots

For vehicle marketing preparation, we offer additional services such as sales photos (for online selling and auctions) as well as photos of damage and vehicle condition.    

Pre-Delivery Inspection / Cleaning

Thorough interior and exterior cleaning of new vehicles is part of comprehensive pre-delivery inspection, and for used cars it is an integral component of vehicle treatment.

Processing of vehicles

Our range of processing services includes not only fitting technical devices such as navigation or sound systems, but also the modification of complete series into target-group-specific special models.

Repairs and maintenance

Our technical centers are fully equipped with machines for processing, repairing, and finishing new and used vehicles. Qualified employees complete the extensive service range.

Storage care for vehicles

We offer comprehensive care for all vehicles stored on our premises. This involves everything from regular checks such as checking the battery status or tire pressure to washing and removing or applying protective foil.

Underbody protection and cavity sealing

A wax coating provides long-term corrosion protection. Depending on your requirements, we apply wax to various body components and seal cavities in the body and chassis.

Used vehicle treatment

Our professional used vehicle treatment includes thorough interior and exterior cleaning, extensive smart repairs to correct minor defects in paintwork, bodywork, upholstery, plastic or glass, as well as all-round vehicle inspection. As part of this service, we also offer an independent valuation of vehicles and compilation of survey reports.

Vehicle customization

Our modern technical center also offers you special vehicle alterations. These are ideal for trade companies and fleet operators. We also install alternative drive technologies and provide special series vehicles for manufacturers and dealers. Individual conversions for press or trade show vehicles are no problem for our technical experts. 

Vehicle modification/extras – features for special models

State-of-the-art equipment in our technical centers means we can modify and upgrade standard vehicles so they can be used as workshop vehicles for trade companies, as fleet vehicles, or as special hunting vehicles. This area also includes refitting with alternative drives or replacing particular components.

Vehicle washing and wrapping

Our washing lines featuring green technology to clean cars and vans gently yet thoroughly. We can also supply an acid wash for vehicles with industrial soiling such as abrasion debris from overhead lines following rail transport. Subsequent wrapping protects vehicles from external influences.
We also wash ro-ro cargoes such as trucks, buses, and mobile large equipment weighing up to 100 tons according to AQIS (Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service) regulations.

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