We offer various processes for material cleaning in production

During the cleaning of materials we offer the material surface cleaning using laser equipment and we dispose of large washing plants for cleaning of components.

Assembly and configuration of devices and systems

As a rule, electronic systems consist of a large number of elements and components. During the logistics process, our technical specialists compile and assemble technical systems. Moreover, we offer the configuration of electronic devices and equipment.

Container management

Our modern container management ensures optimum coordination of containers at the locations as well as on the transport routes. We repair, recondition, clean, and return carriers to circulation. Moreover, we operate industrial washing plants for cleaning of components.


BLG LOGISTICS uses industrial systems to harden raw components of vehicles, which are delivered directly from the press shops of manufacturers. The hardening facilities operated by BLG LOGISTICS allow the pre-hardening, cleaning, hardening, and preservation of the auto parts to be carried out in around 2 hours.

Laser treatment

We use a laser process for damage-free cleaning of aluminum profiles and modules. A concentrated laser beam removes the top oxide layer as well as impurities along the weld seam.

Machine loading

We ensure your machine loading is seamless and efficient - both within the process and between machines.

Material cleaning

During production, contamination or residues from upstream process stages may remain on the material. They must be removed before downstream production processes or installation of the materials. Among other methods, we use special, large-scale washing systems for material cleaning. BLG LOGISTICS draws on many years of experience in material properties and types of cleaning.

Modification of technical modules

We support you with the modification of technical modules. This includes for example installing seat heating into car seats, or loading special software to navigation devices.

Module assembly

We take care of pre-assembly and module assembly during production. The modules are provided just in sequence for your next production step.

Packaging development and planning

We develop packaging concepts as well as special load carriers that are optimized to your specifications.


BLG LOGISTICS uses industrial systems for the preservation of raw components ahead of transport. Auto parts are coated with an oil-based corrosion protection using an electrostatic process.

Priming / surface preparation for glass roofs

We use robots to wet glass roofs or vehicle windows with primer. The primer acts as an adhesive coating. After this surface treatment, the glass elements can be directly installed in production.

Sawing / cutting profiles to length

We offer custom-fit cutting of long parts. The cutting according to customer requirements means no problem for us, thanks to state-of-the-art CNC saws. The aluminum profiles can weigh up to 7.2 tons.

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