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BLG Parekh Logistics Pvt. Ltd.


The joint venture BLG Parekh Logistics Pvt, Ltd. was established in 2008. It combines the international logistics experience of the German BLG LOGISTICS GROUP with the strong local Indian know-how and variety of the Parekh Group. While BLG LOGISTICS GROUP is well known as Europe's market leader in automobile and contract logistics, the Parekh Group draws on impressive strength in shipping services, ODC (over-dimensional cargo) handling, contract logistics and hospitality.

BLG LOGISTICS's worldwide experience and solid track record of reliable service provision are proven by numerous references in the industry.

At our sites in Pune, Aurangabad and Chakan, we offer customer-specific logistics solutions and services in:

  • Goods receipt
  • Production supply
  • Spare parts logistics
  • Distribution and milk-run solutions
  • Comprehensive assembly services
  • Export packaging (incl. CKD)

Our headquarters in India

BLG Parekh Logistics Pvt. Ldt.

near amaranth patil ground
Off Govandi station road
Govandi (East)
400088 Mumbai



BLG Parekh Pvt Ltd. covers the service requirements for warehouse operation and inventory management, barcode-based tracking, lifecycle management of MHEs (material handling equipment), distribution and VMI (vendor-managed inventory) for the automobile industry.

  • Goods receipt and unloading
  • Packaging optimization
  • Picking, kitting and packaging
  • CKD (completely knocked down)
  • SKD (semi knocked down)
  • Part-by-part packaging
  • Labeling and shipping
  • Returns management
  • Sequencing
  • After-sales logistics


The focus here is on end-to-end management of in-plant logistics, management of vehicle turnaround times and dock marshalling, strategy, design and implementation of the right warehouse systems, visual and 5S management as well as contract workforce management.

  • Process management
  • Value-added services
  • Pre-assembly and box assembly
  • Line feeding
  • Handover of vehicles in the plant to the assembly area
  • Vehicle maintenance


BLG Parekh Pvt Ltd. provides services such as consolidation and deconsolidation centers at all nodes, forward and reverse delivery, initial and final delivery with its own vehicles, round-the-clock tracking and helpdesk.

  • Customs clearance

  • Vehicle preparation for transport by truck

  • Movement of vehicles within the storage area

  • Cross-dock handling

  • Outbound transport

  • Movement of vehicles in the VDC (Vehicle Distribution Center) and storage area

  • Container stowage

  • Shuttle transport

Kartons auf dem Fließband

Facts worth knowing about the locations of our Indian sites

The joint venture BLG Parekh Logistics Pvt Ltd. is headquartered in Mumbai, India's most important port city and the capital of the state of Maharashtra. Mumbai is a major transport hub with freeways, overland bus terminals, port, air and rail connections as well as two seaports. The city is also the main hub for traffic to southern India.

The Sales and Solutions office of BLG Parekh Logistics Pvt Ltd. is located in Pune.
There is also a logistics center in the nearby town of Chakan.

Aurangabad is the home of important automobile and two-wheeler vehicle manufacturers and the site of two of our logistics centers for our customers.

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Anand Devulapalli
Anand Devulapalli

Country Head – India Operations

Contact by phone+91 9223321037

Vijay Raut
Vijay Raut

Vice President BLG Parekh Pvt Ltd.

Contact by phone+91 93727 39654