E-commerce fulfillment for the Deutsche Bahn

Beginning on the first of August, BLG LOGISTICS, operating out of its logistics center in Frankfurt, has been in the service of the German Railways. Provided here are uniforms and workwear for Deutsche Bahn employees, numbering about 40,000. Distribution is to conductors, traction vehicle drivers, on-board service personnel, service staff, travel advisors, technical personnel – and 2,000 regional offices maintained by the Deutsche Bahn AG. Here, for the first time, BLG is handling all the e-commerce transactions for a customer.

Among the assignments to be completed are not only warehousing and putting together the individual orders, but also executing parcel post shipments to the office or employees’ home addresses. BLG also operates an online shop as the platform for ordering. That shop includes external payment links as well as the associated call center. In addition, BLG maintains employee accounts, provides preliminary financing for the goods, executes quality control functions and manages returns. BLG won this contract in the course of a pan-European call for proposals. Around 200,000 shipments will leave the logistics center in Frankfurt throughout the coming two years. The range of goods includes more than 120 designs, stocked in about 1,500 different sizes. To handle this demand, the BLG warehouse may contain as many as 100,000 different items, stored both in shelves and on hangers.

This bundle of services was developed by BLG in cooperation with MOTEX Mode-Textil-Service Logistik und Management GmbH. It was with that company that BLG has founded a joint venture, as was recently announced. For the first time these two partners, in preparing for this order for the Deutsche Bahn, used the synergies of their vast expertise in the field of clothing dispatch fulfillment. The software know-how is provided by ACL advanced commerce labs, an Austrian services company proficient in solid solutions for online trading. A central interface system links all the processes – order management, customer service, merchandise management, inventory control, payment services, accounts receivable, performance reporting, logistics, returns management – to the e-commerce processes.

August 5, 2015
Beginning on the first of August, BLG LOGISTICS, operating out of its logistics centre in Frankfurt, has been providing the 40,000 employees of the Deutsche Bahn with workwear.