BLG in Bremen: 42 soccer fields for automotive parts logistics

In Bremen, BLG operates 300,000 square meters of indoor storage exclusively for auto parts logistics, largely at the Güterverkehrszentrum (Freight Village – GVZ). This facility, in Bremen, is the largest GVZ in Germany. Recently the most recent complex of buildings, the “LC GVZ 2”, was fully occupied by BLG, the transfer being made by a logistics real estate developer and investor, Panattoni Europe. Operations in certain sections already started in March of 2015.

Bremen is BLG’s largest facility in the field of auto parts logistics. A total of 120,000 square meters of indoor warehousing is available in the Bremen Logistics Center (LC Bremen). An expansion was made in 2006, adding the LC GVZ. Since in the meantime even this space proved to be insufficient, the construction of the LC GVZ 2 was commenced in 2014. “The new space is a sign of growth in our business along with improved utilization of our capacities and ideal satisfaction of the demands put forward by both new and long-standing customers,” says BLG Industry Logistics executive Frank Sturm. Bremen is the location from which overseas assembly lines are served. Each year more than 40,000 containers with vehicle parts are packed and delivered just-in-time to assembly plants in Asia, the Americas and Africa. The parts and components arrive from the Daimler plants in Germany and from several hundred suppliers. Due to a new production strategy implemented by the customer, transport volume has been increased considerably. The volume of containers shipped to China alone, thanks to the expansion of the Daimler plant in Beijing, will rise to 20,000 units.

The new LC GVZ 2, offering about 28,000 square meters of floor space, fulfills the latest environmental requirements. In accordance with the Guidelines for Sustainable Construction, the building has received the Silver Certificate, awarded by the DGNB (German Sustainable Building Council). This award is based, among other factors, on the installation of solar heating for potable water, building design to increase the amount of daylight admitted, achieved by extensive skylights augmented by LED illumination, as well as enhanced building insulation exceeding the requirements set forth in the Energy Conservation Regulation. “We are very pleased that this facility makes a contribution to an improved energy balance,” Frank Sturm continues.

The developers of logistics properties have invested double-digit millions of euros in this project. Fred-Markus Bohne, an executive at Panattoni Europe, explained: “Being able to build a facility of this magnitude at this site is, for us, an important step in the expansion of our activities throughout Germany.” Panattoni Europe is a subsidiary of the Panattoni Development Company, one of the world’s leading developers of industrial and warehouse buildings, with subsidiaries in North America and Europe. Since market entry in 2005, Panattoni Europe has developed 2.8 million square meters of new space. Of that, about 160,000 square meters have been built in Germany. In the “LC GVZ 2” project the Logivest GmbH, headquartered in Munich, acted as advisors during the negotiations for the leasing agreement.

August 11, 2015
In the field of auto parts logistics BLG manages 300,000 square meters of indoor storage in Bremen – this includes the new “LC GVZ 2” (in the front left).