New BLG parking deck in Bremerhaven inaugurated

BLG LOGISTICS initiated operation of the new parking deck N3 at its Auto Terminal in Bremerhaven six weeks earlier than planned. The official inauguration took place in Nordhafen today in the presence of the Senator for Economic Affairs, Labor and Ports, Martin Günthner, and the mayor of Bremerhaven, Melf Grantz.

The new parking deck is the eighth on BLG’s grounds and, based on its capacity, numbers among the biggest parking garages in Germany. There is room for a total of 7,050 vehicles on five levels – that’s more than 6,000 additional parking spaces for BLG’s automobile handling operations in Bremerhaven. “Bremerhaven is one of the most important transshipment hubs for the automobile industry worldwide,” says Martin Günthner, Senator for Economic Affairs, Labor and Ports. “Over two million vehicles go out into the world via Bremerhaven every year, primarily to the USA, East Asia and the Near East. In the other direction cars from Korea, Japan and the US are imported via Bremerhaven.”

The BLG Supervisory Board passed the resolution on the investment in November 2014. Previously the major German carmakers had indicated further growth in their exports overseas in the coming years. “Construction of the new parking deck is a clear affirmation of BLG’s commitment to its Bremerhaven location and a valuable upgrading of the existing infrastructure. Thanks to this investment, BLG LOGISTICS is making the seaport city even more attractive for competent import and export of vehicles and further expands Bremerhaven’s position as a leading automobile transshipment port in Europe,” states Melf Grantz, the mayor of Bremerhaven.

“Bremerhaven has held its position as one of the leading car terminals in Europe for many years. Through the new parking deck we are fit for the future,” explained Michael Blach, member of the BLG LOGISTICS Board of Management, in his speech and added: “Thanks to the outstanding cooperation of everyone involved, we managed to start up operation of N3 earlier and stay within the budget.”

The official final acceptance and thus approval for use took place on October 7. Representatives of the planning department and the Bremerhaven fire department as well as representatives of Goldbeck, EUROGATE and BLG took part in the joint inspection and praised in particular the high quality standards and performance of the work by the individual craft trades. The parking deck was officially handed over on October 15. Since then N3 has been permanently incorporated into the procedures there.

In total, there are now eight multi-level parking decks and a large covered parking area at BLG’s Auto Terminal in Bremerhaven. They provide room for more than 50,000 vehicles. That means the majority of all existing parking spaces are covered. Especially new car customers appreciate protected storage of the vehicles. Furthermore, the parking decks increase parking capacity near the water, which in turn shortens the distances to the large car carriers and enhances terminal productivity. Parallel to construction of parking deck N3, bremenports optimized the rail infrastructure for the growing volumes by expanding the Kaiserhafen railway station.

Parking deck N3 in numbers

Total area (incl. ground floor):

144,000 square meters


235 meters x 105 meters (length x width) (excluding ramps)




2; each 160 meters x 5 meters

Driven piles (for deep foundation):

700; 20 to 22 meters long

Reinforcing steel:

130 tons


1,500 cubic meters for the pile beams

Steel tonnage:

3,500 tons

Welded girders:


Steel supports:


Parapet grilles:




Capping stones:



58 kilometers filled and sealed

Adhesive tape:

116 kilometers

LED lights:


Power and data cables:

63 kilometers laid


November, 3 2015