Automobile Logistics

Logistics for transporting vehicles from manufacturers to the dealers in the countries of destination requires maximum reliability and safety, as well as an extensive network. BLG LOGISTICS is the leading automobile logistics specialist in Europe and has terminals on the sea, on major rivers, and inland. A state-of-the-art truck fleet, seven barges, and the latest rail vehicles for automobile transport ensure optimal handling and shipment of your finished vehicles.

BLG Logistics Solutions Italia offers integrated logistics management for the automobile industry, including value added services:

  • Truck and rail transport national and international
  • CBU – management of consolidation yards
  • PDI, customizations
  • CKD – Completely knocked down
  • SKD – Semi knocked down
  • JIS – Just in Sequence
  • JIT – Just in Time
  • PbP  – Part-by-Part
  • SLC – Supplier logistics centres

Customer Service

Our Customer Service standards ensure a high level of quality for all our clients at all times. We offer dedicated support every step of the way along the logistics chain. As our client, you will have access to our free, easy-to-use online tracking services – customized to your preferences.

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