On-Site Logistics

High value added services: logistics / production management

BLG LOGISTICS manages and optimizes complex logistics processes in production supply. We act as part of your production and assembly line, taking care of subassemblies and module assemblies. Downstream we supply the completed modules directly to the location where they will be used.

The on-site logistics services provided – encompassing Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), company branch takeover and management of the entire internal supply chain – include:

  • Receiving
  • Repacking
  • Technical quality control
  • Storage
  • Line feeding (JIS, JIT)
  • Assembly
  • Empties management

BLG’s planning skills help manufacturers in various sectors to manage their respective range of products and services.

Customer Service

Our Customer Service standards ensure a high level of quality for all our clients at all times. We offer dedicated support every step of the way along the logistics chain. As our client, you will have access to our free, easy-to-use online tracking services – customized to your preferences.

Our team will be happy to assist you:

Send us an e-mail:  customerservice@blg-logistics.it

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