BLG creates training opportunities

Today 60 young people started a traineeship or a BA program at the BLG LOGISTICS locations in Bremen and Bremerhaven – including four refugees from Somalia, Zimbabwe, Montenegro and Chechnya. Two of them are joining BLG directly as warehouse logistics specialist trainees. Two other young men are initially completing a twelve-month internship as entry-level vocational qualification. They are taking part in the program entitled “Training – future opportunity” – an initiative set up this year for the second time by the Senate of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen as well as the Chamber of Crafts and Chamber of Commerce. To further improve their command of German, the participants will additionally be able to attend vocationally oriented language courses.

Among the 29 new BLG warehouse logistics specialist trainees there are also four young women and men who came to BLG via the project “Training through work”. This joint development program run by BLG and the Gesamthafenbetriebsverein (GHBV) labor pool regularly offers young people who have not found a traineeship the opportunity to demonstrate their motivation, reliability and interest during practical operations. School diplomas and grades are of secondary importance in the hiring procedure. The participants are supported and intensively supervised in their training and courses.

At an official reception in Bremen BLG’s Human Resources Manager Dieter Schumacher also welcomed seven office management assistants, four automotive mechatronics specialists, two mechatronics specialists, two management assistants for freight forwarding and logistics services, one professional driver and two automotive painters. Once again all 13 places for the logistics and process management bachelor program, which BLG offers as part of a dual course of study, have also been filled this year. “BLG wants to enable young people from varied backgrounds to start their working life via very different paths. An important part of our corporate culture is that we create opportunities and also focus on the topic of integration,” emphasized Dieter Schumacher at the beginning of the welcoming and getting acquainted event. He encouraged entry-level employees to show personal commitment, deal with one another considerately and resolutely counter xenophobic activities.

Every year around 80 trainees start their working life at BLG in Germany. Since 2013 trainees who successfully complete their training with personal commitment have received an employment contract for an unlimited term.

September 1, 2015