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BLG Logistics, Inc. is the U.S. subsidiary of the BLG LOGISTICS GROUP AG & Co. KG, which was founded in 1877 in Bremen, Germany and provides over 16,000 jobs worldwide.

We are a world leader in third-party logistics services, providing unique value-added solutions to highly technical clients. We utilize our international expertise, innovative technology, and developed workforce to bring the best of global logistics right to your doorstep.

U.S. Headquarters was founded in Atlanta Georgia in 2004; BLG Logistics, Inc. is located centrally in the U.S.-Southeast and is centered within one of the largest growth areas for the Automotive Industry in the Americas. Aside from automotive parts and the international vehicle assembly supply chain, BLG Logistics also focuses on general industry and manufacturing, electronics, high-tech, and consumer goods.

BLG Logistics offers comprehensive logistics know-how and experience in sea and inland services.

BLG powers supply chain performance improvement at scale


Engineers by trade, BLG possesses the skillsets required to handle day-to-day operational challenges with big picture understanding and perspective.

Engineering Logistics

BLG will engineer a solution for your growing business needs. From predictive analytics, to inventory management and parts distribution, to the most sophisticated JIT/JIS services, complex reverse logistics and clockwork transportation management.

Process & quality

Rely on BLG for repetitive and thorough review of processes, procedures and proactive ideas for improving performance. Again. And again!

Technology that enables

BLG investments keep pace with industry ‘bests’ for WMS, visibility, tracking and the reporting you need; we’re set apart by technology that enables state-of-the-science time modeling, just-in-sequence certainty, with pinpoint precision delivery.

Talent for the future

We proactively create complete certification programs and work closely with regional schools and universities to attract, retain and develop the workforce of the future.

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For BLG, Green Logistics is a commitment

Ford Motor Company earned the Green Supply Chain Award for its automobile shipments via waterway. BLG is proud to transport those Ford vehicles from Cologne, Germany to dealers in Europe on the Rhine River.

In our own operations, BLG has reduced fresh water requirements per car wash by 85 %. We employ smart systems that provide energy only when needed. We focus on smart technology to recover and store energy. From senior executives to entry level employees, Team BLG makes responsible use of finite resources.

BLG invests in facilities, equipment, technology and especially in the skills and capabilities of our growing team, to ensure that we bring you the talent you need for efficiency now and innovation tomorrow.

Our industries at a glance

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BLG operates over 1.5 million square feet of warehousing engineered for precision JIS service and JIT delivery to manufacturers; we will build to scale your operation.

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Consumer Goods / Retail

BLG develops logistics for powerful brands. While you build your brand and retail share, leave logistics efficiency to BLG Logistics.


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