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Two major successes in the USA

Good news from our USA business: This year will see the launch of not just one, but two major projects.

First up, we will start operation of a completely new location in the port city of Charleston, South Carolina on July 1. Charleston is a rapidly expanding region with great future potential. On an operating area of 40,000 square feet, some 30 team members will carry out sequencing activities for suppliers from the commercial vehicle. It’s a massive success for the team of our American subsidiary BLG LOGISTICS Inc. That’s because it gives the company its first major footprint outside Vance, Alabama, where it was founded in 2004.

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BLG LOGISTICS creates 170 new jobs in Bremerhaven

On the basis of the works council agreement signed today by the works council of BLG AutoTerminal Bremerhaven and BLG LOGISTICS, up to 170 new employees will be hired at BLG AutoTerminal Bremerhaven in the next months. For the first time ever, about 100 of the new jobs will be part of a recently adopted part-time employment model that offers family and care-friendly shift times and a shift length of six hours.

Powerful future support by Robots when emptying containers

40-foot standard containers are the most frequently used sea containers worldwide. With internal dimensions of roughly 12 by 2.3 by 2.4 meters, they have a loading volume of 65 cubic meters and a cargo load of up to some 26 tons. Unloading these containers is heavy work, still mainly carried out manually in the world's ports. Now there are plans for an innovative robot to take over this job. The research is being carried out by BIBA – the Bremen Institute for Production and Logistics at Bremen University, in cooperation with development partners BLG Handelslogistik and SCHULZ Systemtechnik in Bremen plus FRAMOS in Taufkirchen near Munich. The new project is named “Interactive Robot System for Unloading Sea Containers” (IRiS).