Inland terminal

The Duisburg site boasts a handling capacity of 140,000 vehicles per year. The vehicles come in by truck or on their own wheels from all over Germany, or by rail from the European manufacturing plants. At the terminal, the vehicles are stored, handled, and sometimes technically processed on behalf of the automobile manufacturer.

This trimodal terminal is served with links to the three transport modes of water, rail, and road.

The terminal in terms of figures

Area size 210,000 m²
Storage capacity 10,000 automobiles
Barge berth 1
Railtracks & headramps 2
Workshops 1
Paintshop 1
Opening time for unloading/loading 24/7
Working time Mo. – Fr. 6:00 - 22:00h

Technical center

At the site in Duisburg, vehicles from many different manufacturers are processed to a high technical level. Equipment at the 7,500 square meter technical center includes a fully-automated car-wash plant and there are depreservation facilities for removing copolymer and paraffin wax protection. 

The technical center also has three combined paint booths, a remote-control lifting platform truck system in the painting area, and multiple lifting platforms in the mechanics area. The facilities allow the all technical work to be carried out in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications. In the preparation area, vehicles can also have a finish applied according to the customer's requirements and to whatever extent they wish. 

The service spectrum at the Duisburg site ranges from inspections, repairs, and fitting of equipment (technology such as navigation systems, entertainment options, sunroofs, etc.) through to modifications. It also covers the areas of depreservation, professional vehicle care and preparation, and windshield repair, through to partial and total painting. The services provided at the Duisburg terminal also include work in the area of SMART repair and so-called cold pressing.

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