BLG LOGISTICS is a seaport and logistics service provider with an international network. For more than 145 years, our hallmark has been logistics driven by both passion and pragmatism. We create logistics for our customers in retail and industry by applying our expertise to develop and implement innovative, highly sophisticated and future-oriented solutions.

Today, the BLG Group is represented with almost 100 locations and branches in Europe, America, Africa and Asia. Our AUTOMOBILE and CONTAINER divisions are market leaders in Europe. Our CONTRACT division is among Germany's leading providers.

BLG LOGISTICS aims to be balance sheet climate-neutral by 2030. In fact, we are the first German logistics service provider with a scientifically recognized climate protection goal.

As an employer, we foster a personal touch, value our employees' contribution and keep our sights firmly on the future. Including all associated companies, BLG LOGISTICS currently provides some 20,000 jobs worldwide. The BLG Group is headquartered in the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen.

In February 1877, 65 merchants founded BLG LOGISTICS under the name "BREMER LAGERHAUS-GESELLSCHAFT -Aktiengesellschaft von 1877".

SINCE 1877 

In February 1877, 65 merchants founded BLG LOGISTICS under the name "BREMER LAGERHAUS-GESELLSCHAFT -Aktiengesellschaft von 1877". 
Their storage spaces were spread throughout the whole state, and they wanted to concentrate them by the water. They turned Bremen into a pioneer in port development. Find out more about milestones in the history of BLG LOGISTICS!

  • Founded in February 1877
  • From the sack barrow to the forklift truck 
  • IT as a production factor
  • Ro-ro ships for overseas traffic
  • More than 50 years of container handling
  • Export drive in the automobile industry
The BLG story

In February 1877, 65 merchants founded BLG LOGISTICS as "BREMER LAGERHAUS-GESELLSCHAFT -Aktiengesellschaft von 1877". They wanted to concentrate their warehouses, which were scattered throughout the city, on the waterfront and also operate goods handling centrally together. They made Bremen a pioneer in port development.


Today, the BLG Group is represented on all the world's growth markets, with almost 100 locations and offices in Europe, America, Africa and Asia. Our more than 12,000 employees assume responsibility for smooth logistics of high-quality products day in and day out.

With their high motivation and commitment, they achieve the best possible results for our customers, supporting their success on the markets.

We are proud of our long-lasting partnerships as well as new flagship projects. No destination is too far, no load too heavy, no task too complex. We make logistics easy. And we do more than just a job: At BLG, we always go one step further and develop innovative logistics solutions wherever they are needed. Innovation has always been the driving force behind our development.


Discover our three divisions AUTOMOBILE, CONTRACT and CONTAINER.


The AUTOMOBILE Division is the leading technical and logistics service provider for the international automobile industry.

CONTRACT division

The CONTRACT Division manages complex projects and offers its customers reliable upstream and downstream logistics solutions.

CONTAINER division

The EUROGATE Group, in which BLG LOGISTICS holds a 50-percent share, is Europe's leading shipping-line-independent container terminal group.

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