Within the scope of port logistics, BLG LOGISTICS has a terminal network at more than 20 locations throughout Europe. The terminals are located at sea, on rivers and inland. The terminals are interlinked via intermodal transport connections by truck, rail or inland waterway vessel. This ensures continuous logistics chains to the customers. For various industries, the terminals also offer a wide range of industry-specific technical port-logistics services.

  • Port logistics in the BLG LOGISTICS terminal network

  • Port logistics at the breakbulk terminal Bremen

  • Securing cargo on board: stevedoring and lashing

  • Best equipment for car handling

BLG's terminal network includes international locations at sea, on rivers and inland. The terminals are interlinked via intermodal transport connections by truck, rail or inland waterway vessel.

From consulting and planning of lashing concepts, competent technical advice for project cargo and heavy lift to operational implementation, we offer our customers all tasks from a single source. 

Additional services, which we offer ourselves, with associated companies or long-standing partners, round off our range of services around port logistics:

  • Insurance & customs clearance for sea transports
  • Tallying
  • Refining transport
  • Stevedoring Inspection
  • Free port warehouse / bonded warehouse
  • Shipment handling
  • Ship clearance
  • Stevedoring
  • Seaworthy packing
  • Transport

Services from the port logistics sector

Port logistics at the breakbulk terminal Bremen

Neustädter Hafen in Bremen is Europe's largest breakbulk terminal for conventional cargo. The terminal not only has a quay length of 2.1 km, it is also equipped to handle almost all types of conventional cargo:

  • Covered storage areas: 240,000 m²
  • Open storage areas: 450,000 m² Crane capacities: up to 600 t
  • Fork-lift trucks up to 52 t
  • Reach stackers: various
  • Ro-ro ramps: up to 100 t
  • Railroad tracks: 18 km

Neustädter Hafen has ideal trimodal transport connections. We have a direct, congestion-free link to the road network via the A281. We are connected to the European waterway network via the Weser river and the German Midland Canal. With around 18 km of railroad trackage at the terminal and the upstream station of Bremen-Grolland, we are able to dispatch multiple block trains simultaneously, or to take delivery of rail vehicles long before shipping. Liner and charter vessels link Neustädter Hafen with ports in North and Central America, the Mediterranean region and worldwide destinations.

In addition, we offer competent support for large and heavy transports: from the organization and handling of ideal pre-carriages to the terminals as well as post-carriages from the terminals to assembly work before transport and disassembly after transport. In addition, we develop and implement customized transport solutions for our customers - with covered storage facilities if required.

Europe's largest terminal for break bulk.
Europe's largest terminal for break bulk.
Breakbulk terminal in Neustädter Hafen.

Securing cargo on board: Stevedoring and lashing

Together with our associated company Schultze Stevedoring GmbH & Co. KG, BLG offers on-board load securing services in all the ports on the Weser river. From heavy cargo to valuable steel, rollable or self-propelled units, vehicles of all kind to easily damaged forestry products, we are your reliable and experienced partner in the whole spectrum of consulting, planning and implementation of lashing concepts. We would be happy to carry out operational stevedoring and lashing work for you. Professional stevedoring is the first requirement for the safety of ship and crew – not to mention the cargo.

Facilities and equipment for stevedoring and lashing on board

Our experience stevedoring teams can utilize a large range of equipment. In their work, they have access not only to the usual slinging gear such as chains, transverse beams, crossbars etc., but also to special equipment for complex loading. And when confronted with a cargo that can't be handled with conventional gear, we create tailor-made equipment. With the optimal facilities consisting of mobile harbor crane, heavy lift trucks, unloading cranes and lift trucks, we rise to any cargo handling challenge.

Additionally, if your transport departs via the Weser river, on request we can even accompany your cargo to the port of discharge, where our supercargoes will ensure it is handled professionally.

Stevedoring and lashing activities
Stevedoring and lashing activities
Stevedoring and lashing on board
Stevedoring and lashing on board

Best equipment for car handling

AutoTerminal Bremerhaven is one of the largest automotive hubs in the world. For the automotive industry, we offer 240 hectares of optimal space for temporary storage for new and used vehicles as well as buffer areas for automobile production. We have both open and covered storage facilities. The offer is rounded off by adequate warehouse maintenance.

AutoTerminal Bremerhaven is ideally equipped for automotive handling

  • Storage capacity: 70,000 vehicles
  • Under cover: 42,000 vehicles
  • Uncovered: 28,000 vehicles
  • Multi-story car parks: 8
  • Berths: 18
  • Technical Centers 3
  • Railtracks & headramps: 16

Our Bremerhaven site has its own technical centers covering an area of 300,000 m². They are equipped with several car wash lines, paint booths, underbody protective coating systems and numerous lifting platforms for carrying out a range of technical services. Given its annual processing of more than 230,000 vehicles, the Bremerhaven technical center is Europe's largest automobile workshop.

More logistics services

Container logistics

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