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Logistics is a crucial element in our globally organized economy. The demand for optimal supply chains will only grow in the future. Logistics must become ever more innovative and digital. Therefore, we are looking for graduates who want to learn how to coordinate and control these complex goods flows. 
Most interesting for us are graduates in Business or Engineering Science with a focus on logistics. Our Junior Manager Program (JMP) stands for project participation and seminars, mentors, new challenges and personal development. In short, for a great career start at BLG LOGISTICS. Over two years, we prepare you for a leadership role or a position of specialist responsibility at BLG, for example as a head of department, project manager or key account manager.

The program will start again in April/May 2023.

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We believe that personalities grow with their tasks, above all by working in teams, rather than sitting on their own in an office. That is why our logistics trainees quickly take on responsibility for projects. We support this practical project work with further training and instruction in theory. What is especially important for our junior managers are soft skills: dealing with critical situations, managing employees and conducting talks as well as presentation techniques. 

Here are the hard facts at a glance:

  • You have studied Business or Engineering Science with a focus on logistics.
  • You spend 2 years as a trainee in our Junior Manager Program.
  • A new program starts every two years.
  • The application period starts six months before that. Subscribe to our Job Newsletter to make sure you don't miss the deadline.
  • 10-15 participants per year group
  • Each year group contributes to a social project they choose themselves.
  • After finishing the program, participants can expect permanent employment contracts, also with flexible working-hour models.

What we expect from you:

  • Because we are practice oriented, we expect the same of you. This is why we value internships in logistics.
  • You want to do things better than they are now. Pitching in, making changes, optimizing things – this is what you do.
  • It should not be a problem for you as a trainee to work at a different location every 3-4 months. We help you find accommodation.
  • We operate globally, so you may be able to work on a project abroad. We will decide on this flexibly with you.
  • English is the global language, and especially in logistics, fluent English is essential.
  • Our selection process: We require from you the usual application documents, and we carry out an extensive interview followed by a 1-day assessment procedure.

What we offer you: 

  • An 18-month project phase
  • 6 months of onboarding directly for your target position
  • High level of practice: Right from the start, you work on real company projects tackling current issues. We don't dream up cases for our trainees. Instead, we integrate them in real-life work from the start.
  • Seminars for soft skills: training courses in social competence, management competence and time management
  • Various mentoring and networking events: fireside chat with the CEO, trainee networking event with all year groups, invitation to the annual BLG LOGISTICS World Meeting
  • Mentoring throughout the program: Your mentor is an experienced manager from the company who supports you with advice and practical help. Often, our mentors have themselves gone through the JMP program.
  • Projects at various locations – also abroad


Every new employee has their own personal mentor throughout the trainee program. The mentor helps in new situations, gives guidance and explains structures. The combined support from your mentor and your year group give you the opportunity as a trainee to get to know the paths and process structure at BLG. It is important here that we highly value our trainees. As a trainee, you are taken just as seriously as any other employee.

You also meet our chief officers, most likely at the kick-off of the program. Our managers present talks to the year groups or join in the 
seminars to pass on their experience.

Dr. Fritz Merkle, former CEO of OHB, speaks to our trainees.
We also invite external experts to speak to our trainees. Here, it's the former CEO of OHB, Dr. Fritz Merkle.


The JMP program is divided into two phases: the project phase and the work phase. In both phases, the participants are in communication with each other, help each other and share their experiences. At the same time, they automatically start building up their network. They already know a number of future managers from their year group, now they get to know other decision makers and their mentor.

"My time as a trainee was years ago, but I'm still in contact with the colleagues from my JMP year group. Even though they work at different locations, or maybe because of that."

Britta Philippsen, Head of Elsdorf Distribution Center at BLG LOGISTICS GROUP AG & Co. KG

Drei Trainees unterhalten auf dem Flur

Phase 1: Project phase

In the project phase, you work on projects in different specializations and subject areas. Even at this early stage, we make sure you take on a high level of personal responsibility. Alongside their project work, our trainees also attend seminars on leadership and social competence. The trainees in the whole year group attend these seminars together. There are also individual coaching sessions tailored to the personal development of our trainees: 

  • Personality development
  • time and self-management
  • Basics of employee management
  • project management

Here, we build on and deepen the theory our trainees learned during their university studies. The projects our logistics trainees are involved in take place in Germany and abroad. As far as possible, we take into account our junior managers' wishes.

Phase 2: Work phase

During this phase, you already work in your prospective future position. You apply the knowledge from your university course in practice and further develop your capabilities. Our logistics trainees gain experience and prepare for their full entry into the BLG world. Also in the work phase, you take on personal responsibility. 
However, during this phase, the JMP participants still have the support of their mentors and regularly take part in events that allow them to network and exchange ideas and experience.

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