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Cars move the world.

We move the cars. Discover our worldwide automobile logistics

With over 4,7 million vehicles transported per year, BLG LOGISTICS is one of Europe's leading automobile logistics specialist. We have at our disposal terminals on the sea, on the Rhine and Danube rivers and inland. We handle vehicles, put them into storage, perform technical services, and take care of distribution by truck, railroad and barge. What's more, we offer leasing and fleet companies as well as dealers a large logistics network. As your expert for automobile logistics, we ensure fast and reliable vehicle transport.

  • International automobile logistics

  • Automobile transport by road, railroad and rivers

  • Auto terminal network in Europe

  • Value added services in our technical centers

  • Large storage capacities and high-quality services

Vehicle transport logistics, from the manufacturer to the dealers in the countries of destination, requires top reliability and safety as well as a large network. BLG LOGISTICS is one of Europe's leading expert for automobile logistics. We have our own seaport terminals as well as inland terminals with barges and connections to railroads. A state-of-the-art truck fleet, five barges and the latest rail cars for carrying automobiles ensure optimal handling and transport of your finished vehicles. At our automobile logistics locations and terminals, we also offer storage capacities and extensive value added services in our own technical centers.
Our customer portfolio includes manufacturers, shipping companies, renters, leasing companies, fleet vehicle providers, remarketing companies and dealers.

Fertigfahrzeuglogistik von BLG LOGISTICS.
Automobillogistik für mehr als 7,5 Millionen Fahrzeuge pro Jahr.


We move automobiles on roads, railroads and water. In Germany and worldwide. Whatever their specific requirements, our customers can depend on sustainable, tailor-made transport solutions. We offer a full range of services for the transport of new and used vehicles by RoRo-Carrier, road, rail and inland waterway. These services encompass the entire spectrum, from the distribution of large quantities to individual deliveries – by request directly to the auto dealer's showroom. For us, sustainability is not just a buzzword: We are constantly investing in the modernization of our fleets so that we can provide our customers with reduced-emission transport chains and interact with the environment in a responsible manner.

  • On the road – nationally and internationally, our state-of-the-art truck fleet, with 194 own vehicle transporters with Euro-6 ensures an unbroken logistics chain.
  • On the water – five barges transport your vehicles along the Rhine and the Danube.
  • On the railroad – with its 1,500 state-of-the-art, double-deck rail cars with whisper brakes, BLG AutoRail is one of Europe's leading providers.

Further Services from the area of Automobile logistics

AutoTerminal Bremerhaven

With more than 1.7 million vehicles handled per year, Bremerhaven is one of the world's largest automobile ports

Automobile transport

Europe's leading provider for vehicles offers a strong logistics network for dealers, leasing and fleet companies

High & heavy

Optimal logistics for rollable and heavy goods at the Bremerhaven ro-ro terminal


The BLG LOGISTICS network for automobile logistics comprises locations in Germany, Poland, Slovenia and Ukraine. Apart from seaports and inland terminals in Bremen, Bremerhaven, Cuxhaven, Hamburg and Gdansk (Poland), we operate several terminals on the Rhine and the Danube. Especially the seaport terminals on the coast serve as hubs and are export ports for European vehicle manufacturers to overseas countries such as China and the USA as well as to Russia and Scandinavia. As ports of entry, these terminals offer a full range of services for the European vehicle market. The terminals in Germany, Poland and Ukraine form important links between production and customers, ensuring smooth distribution. All the terminals are interlinked, with intermodal traffic connections via truck, railroad and barge.

[Translate to Englisch:] Lagerung von Neufahrzeugen für den Autotransport innerhalb Deutschlands
Vehicle logistics from BLG LOGISTICS
[Translate to Englisch:] Mitarbeitende in der Automobillogistik beim Verpacken eines Fahrzeuges
Employees in automobile logistics
[Translate to Englisch:] Fahrzeugtransporte per Bahn als fester Bestandteil unserer Fahrzeuglogistik
Europe-wide vehicle transport by railroad

Supplementary value added services
Tested and verified! Discover our workshop services for new and used vehicles

At our terminals, our technical centers provide a variety of technical services for your vehicles.

Our services include depending on the location PDI (pre-delivery inspection), washing and removal of protective transport film, quality control, interior cleaning, fitting of optional equipment or accessories (e. g. leather upholstery, air-conditioning systems, navigation systems), technical modifications (e.g conversion to liquefied petroleum gas or application of underbody protective coating) as well as handling individual customer requests or special editions (e.g. special painting).

We also offer vehicle valuation, fleet preparation and rental preparation as well as marketing preparation for vehicles (e.g. photo shoots, vehicle auctions).


  • Paintwork
  • Smart repair
  • Washing
  • Vehicle-specific processing


  • Professional interior cleaning
  • Fitting auxiliary heating
  • Individual modifications and installations


  • PDI
  • Modification
  • Tires/wheels/rims
  • Inspections
[Translate to Englisch:] BMW-Neuwagen am Autoterminal Bremerhaven
Automobile logistics for new automobiles
[Translate to Englisch:] BLG LOGISTICS Mitarbeiter bei der Sonderlackierung von Autoteilen
Value added services in automobile logistics


The right parking space for every vehicle

Our large number of inland and seaport terminals offer individual and tailored solutions for storage around Europe. In Germany, we have 13 locations and a storage capacity of up to 500,000 units. Our storage space can facilitate interim storage for new or used vehicles, as well as providing buffer areas for automobile production. We can provide either uncovered or covered storage. Our range also includes suitable in-storage care.

International vehicle shipping and transport

For your global automobile shipping and vehicle transport, we take care of obtaining the necessary transport documents, planning space utilization in ships or the entire processing for imports and exports. We ensure prompt delivery every time. We respond to your wishes as our customer and advise you on what transport arrangements are best for you.


Container logistics

EUROGATE is one of Europe's leading, shipping line-independent container terminal operators.

Port logistics

Port logistics - terminal logistics for breakbulk and automobile handling