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As your specialist for automobile transport, we offer you all transport services for new and used vehicles by road, railroad and inland waterway. These services encompass the entire spectrum, from the distribution of large quantities to individual deliveries – by request directly to the auto dealer's showroom. Our telematics system ensures continuous tracking of all vehicles.

  • Vehicle transport by road, rail and waterComprehensive services for leasing companies, fleet companies or dealers

  • A variety of transport services for new and used vehicles

  • A truck fleet of 194 state-of-the-art automobile transporters

  • Automobile transport with seven BLG barges on the Rhine and the Danube

  • 1,500 rail cars for vehicle transport by rail



BLG LOGISTICS is the leading automobile transporter in Europe. Every year, roughly 4.7 million vehicles are handled, transported, or technically processed in the BLG network. What we offer: intermodal transport and forwarding, port and terminal transshipment and global automobile logistics.

Apart from cargo handling, storage and technical processing at the seaport terminals, on the Rhine and Danube rivers, and inland, the BLG AUTOMOBILE division also offers services by rail, road, inland waterway, and marine shipping as well as technical services. We not only draw on an extensive logistics network for reliable and fast transport of vehicles, we also offer warehouse capacities and a wide range of technical services for leasing companies, fleet companies or dealers.

We also transport vehicles for private and individual customers by road, rail and water. Whether consolidated auto transport or individual transport – with our international automobile logistics, we always deliver exactly the right solution for the specific requirements of each customer.

[Translate to Englisch:] Fahrzeugtransporte per Binnenschiff von BLG LOGISTICS
Vehicle transport by barge
[Translate to Englisch:] Verladung von Fahrzeugen für internationale Autotransporte
Vehicle handling for international transport


Automobile transport throughout Europe, rooted in Germany: Nationally and internationally, our truck fleet of 194 state-of-the-art trucks ensures smooth transport from car manufacturers directly to dealers. The modern truck bodies allow for an optimal load mix for loading and transporting not only cars, but also SUVs and vans. This is how our trucks link the auto terminals with the manufacturing plants and dealers for seamless logistics chains. Embracing new drive concepts, we are upgrading our fleet for the future to help meet our sustainability goals.

Thanks to intensive training courses in our own training center, our drivers are optimally qualified for their tasks and benefit from a high level of expertise in their field of work. Our Fleetboard system supports our drivers. It is installed in every truck and provides not only information on the vehicle's position, but also valuable data for driver training and about our own performance. As a result, we can make our transports not only more transparent, but also analyze data to improve our delivery times.

You can benefit from a large variety of supplementary value added services at our locations relating to vehicle transport: vehicle-specific processing, vehicle washing, paintwork, smart repair, conversion and upgrading of finished vehicles, and equipping special models such as vehicles for tradespeople as well as appliqués.

It's not only about the exteriors. BLG LOGISTICS also upgrades vehicle interiors with additional services such as professional cleaning, installation of auxiliary heating, custom conversions and features. Technical services such as PDI, modifications, tires, wheels, rims and inspections round off our range in automobile logistics.

With our state-of-the-art IT solutions, we offer automobile logistics management in real time: comprehensive planning and scheduling, transparent order management, overview of vehicle status, digital schedule monitoring and vehicle tracking and tracing complete our range of services for vehicle transport.

[Translate to Englisch:] Ihr Spezialist für nationale und internationale Autotransporte
National and international automobile transport
[Translate to Englisch:] Autotransport per LKW von großen Stückzahlen bis hin zu Einzelauslieferungen
Automobile transport by truck
[Translate to Englisch:] Transportsicherung von Automobilen für den Fahrzeugtransport per LKW
Transport securing for vehicle transport


The Rhine and Danube rank among Europe's most important rivers for inland shipping. Barges have been plying the Rhine since 1983. As part of the joint venture BLG Interrijn Autotransport, BLG LOGISTICS operates five barges for vehicle transport on the Rhine. So far, they have transported more than 3 million vehicles.

Alongside transport on the Rhine, BLG LOGISTICS uses two barges on the Danube, travelling between Germany, Austria and Hungary. These vessels are built to a slightly smaller scale. BLG LOGISTICS has been operating its Danube service since 1997. This service has moved more than 300,000 vehicles to date.

Thanks to direct connections with its own auto terminals, BLG has established inland waterway transport as a key element of its network. Automobile transport by barge is an especially eco-friendly solution:

transferring freight from the road to the water is a key element of sustainable logistics. Each barge can carry some 500 small cars. That is equivalent to around 60 truckloads. A barge travels 3.7 times as far with the same energy input. And compared to rail transport, the energy saving is still an impressive 25 percent. Also considering increasing volumes of traffic on the roads and railways, inland waterway transport helps relieve the serious strain on the traffic network.

[Translate to Englisch:] Automobiltransporte – vom Hersteller bis zum Händler mit BLG LOGISTICS
Automobile transport from BLG LOGISTICS
[Translate to Englisch:] Der führende Automobiltransporteur in Europa – BLG LOGISTICS GROUP
Europe's leading automobile transport company
[Translate to Englisch:] Aufbereitung von Luxusfahrzeugen für den internationalen Autotransport
Vehicle reconditioning for transport


With a fleet of 1,500 rail cars for automobile transport, BLG AutoRail, ased in Mainz-Kastel, ranks among the leading providers of automobile transport by rail. In Europe, we use state-of-the-art, universally applicable equipment and continually invest in our rolling stock.

For example, our double-deck rail cars feature whisper brakes. The innovative 810-type double-deck rail car comes with flexible upper and lower loading decks, a G1 profile (suitable for Italy) and a load volume of up to 12 vehicles. The 100-type flatbed rail cars are ideal for transporting small commercial vehicles.

At a central location in Germany, Uebigau-Wahrenbrück, BLG RailTec has invested in its own, cutting-edge rail car service and logistics center. The freight rail car workshop opened its doors in 2014. As a service provider for goods rail car companies, it offers comprehensive maintenance and inspection work as well as modifications of brake systems to comply with noise emission standards. The service range is completed by state-of-the-art spraying and painting.

We founded BLG RailTec in in Uebigau-Wahrenbrück, formerly Falkenberg as a rail transport company and maintenance service provider. It extends our rail-bound auto transport service portfolio by train composition and rail car maintenance. The Falkenberg hub provides pre-transport in mixed trains from the manufacturing plants to different final destinations. Block trains with the same destination are compiled in the hub for subsequent distribution to seaports and terminals for overseas shipping.

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