With our automotive logistics services, we can cover your entire supply chain: Everything from procurement of suitable packaging to just-in-sequence production supply, provision of your on-site logistics including subassembly and module assembly, to spare parts logistics. We are experts in the global supply of assembly lines with all types of parts and components. We offer flexible, customized solutions using the established Completely Knocked Down (CKD), Semi Knocked Down (SKD) and Part-by-Part supply strategies.

The particular logistical challenges in the automobile industry are the diversity of parts, the need for their permanent availability, and fast, reliable supply of vehicle parts. Drawing on more than 20 years of experience in automotive logistics, we support our customers with the development of new logistics sequences worldwide and offer global supply of auto parts. Our sites handle over 60,000 containers per year, ensuring supplies to factories around the world. Always meeting our customers' specifications and regulations, we holistically plan, design, and optimize processes and develop joint strategies.

 Employees packing car parts for the automotive industry.
Automotive supplies for the automobile industry.
Employee in the automotive sector in the hardening and preservation of body-in-white components.
Hardening and preserving unfinished components.


We offer the global supply of auto parts along the entire supply chain and right up to the production line. As a link in the supply chain, we handle and optimize complex processes in the Formula-1 class of automotive logistics: supplier management, global supply of assembly lines, complete logistics solutions for supply strategies, line feeding, and sequencing. Sequencing synchronizes supply with production. This includes just-in-sequence supply of production lines, incoming and outgoing goods processes in line with service parameters, inventory monitoring, as well as quality inspection, shipping control and tracking, and spare parts logistics.

Our core competence lies in the global supply of assembly lines with vehicle parts and components. We offer complete logistics solutions for the Completely Knocked Down (CKD), Semi Knocked Down (SKD), and Part-by-Part supply strategies.

These value-creating and tailor-made services round off our services portfolio

Auto parts logistics of the BLG LOGISITCS GROUP at the Bremen site.
Auto parts logistics from the BLG LOGISTICS GROUP.


In automotive logistics, we act as part of the production and assembly lines and take charge of subassemblies and module assemblies of various safety-relevant concealed and visible components. We always ensure compliance with all product-specific requirements, e.g. ESD requirements. Our special focus is on flexible line setups as well as control concepts, so that we can respond flexibly and optimally to customer requirements. Finished modules are fed into production just-in-time.

Furthermore, we develop our own tools, devices, and equipment to design processes that fit your purposes down to the last detail. This also enables us to perform all assembly work as efficiently and effectively as possible. Depending on the level of variance and range of parts, we can also offer further services: From kit formation to subassembly of specified scopes through to complete supply of the production line. We are happy to support you with concept development and planning – from A to Z.

We work with the one-piece-flow method to reduce assembly times and ensure smooth workflows. Our experience and know-how provide the ideal foundations that enable us to design optimal processes and continually build on our competencies. Whether roof linings, radiators, engines, center consoles, or drive shafts – every part is in the correct place. Whatever the assembly job, we always apply the utmost precision and accuracy.

 Hardening plant for car parts as part of car parts logistics.
Hardening system for auto parts.
Pre- and module assembly of safety-relevant components for the automotive industry.
Subassemblies and module assemblies in automotive supply.


We offer you on-site logistics for production supply and deliver individual parts and modules to the correct assembly points in the production line in perfect synchronization with production. Line feeding provides parts just-in-sequence (JIS) or just-in-time (JIT) directly to the production line. BLG LOGISTICS works closely with you as our customer to plan customized tugger train concepts and look after your internal transportation. Ready assembled components are taken from the production line and prepared for the next processing steps. Furthermore, we dispose of finished parts, empty containers and materials from production and manage on-site warehousing and material collection points. As part of recycling and waste management, we make sure materials and waste are disposed of correctly.

Sequencing ensures components are precisely supplied to the assembly line, synchronized to arrive just in time for production. Parts for vehicle-specific trays are picked and sequenced. For example, for luxury vehicles we pick medium and small components into vehicle-specific trays and sequence them into large components. All components are delivered in sync to the location in the production line where they are used. To guarantee high process safety and reliability, we use automated small parts warehouses and integrated handling equipment for sequencing large components.

Semi Knocked Down (SKD) process in auto parts logistics.
Semi Knocked Down supply strategy.
Employees packing assembly kits for loading via truck, rail or ocean vessel.
Packing assembly kits.


Our logistics supplier centers supply production plants as called for by the assembly lines. After the call-off, we deliver the parts and pick up empty containers. As part of our production supply service, we also offer customers global container management. We organize return transport of the load carriers, process them, and carry out any repairs that may be necessary. Our modern, eco-friendly washing plants meticulously clean load carriers and thoroughly prepare them for the next production steps. Where necessary, any relevant ESD requirements are met.

In our LSCs, we ensure smooth incoming goods, logistics, and outgoing goods processes: Truck deliveries are processed, including thorough quality inspections, if required, packing materials are processed as per requirements, auto parts re-packed from reusable containers, inventory checks carried out, and goods deliveries containerized in the outgoing goods area. Alongside goods re-packing, we also offer cross-docking. Packing planning and development, packing material management, and picking round out our offer.

Consignment warehouse for car parts from BLG LOGISTICS.
Consignment warehouse for auto parts.
Automotive: Quality control according to call-off of car parts.
Quality inspection according to call-off of auto parts.
Warehouse logistics for auto parts and supplier logistics center. Automotive header - Automotive logistics by BLG LOGISTICS.
Warehouse logistics for auto parts.


Would you like your unfinished components to be hardened and preserved on site? We operate industrial plants for the hardening and preservation of body shell modules for cars delivered to us directly from the manufacturer's pressing plant. Our hardening plant pre-hardens, cleans, final-hardens and preserves the components in around two hours. When the modules go into our industrial preservation plants, they are coated with an oil-based corrosion protection in an electrostatic process. This prepares them perfectly for transport. With our expertise in this special field, we are your ideal partner for the preservation and hardening of raw components – whatever their size.

In the CKD area, the parts from the individual deliveries of suppliers and manufacturers are combined, packed as a complete kit, and delivered to the overseas assembly plant. In SKD supply, BLG LOGISTICS takes care of the technical disassembly, the separate packing of the assembly kits, and the shipping via truck, railroad or ship. Part-by-Part supply involves consolidating individual assembly parts in product-specific trays which are shipped by air, railroad or ship.

For our customers, we take care of regular transports between warehouse and production line as well as on-site transports. Naturally, we synchronize our transport schedules precisely with your production sequences and guarantee perfect harmonization. We select the optimal means of transport for your requirements, volumes and functionality and use state-of-the-art fleet vehicles. You can also request custom shuttle concepts adapted to your site conditions, e.g. ramps, roofed areas or available space.

We operate logistics supplier centers (LSC) in various sizes. An LSC is a common consignment warehouse for several suppliers located close to a major customer. The items in the warehouse remain the property of the suppliers until they are delivered to the customer. This means that our logistics supplier centers function as links between our customers' suppliers and the provision of the materials or goods for production. We guarantee fast, reliable delivery to the customer and contribute to optimal, cost-effective warehousing.

Every day, our shopfloor management monitors and optimizes our processes. To do this, we use KPIs according to lean principles. Thanks to short communication paths, we can increase reaction speed and create high transparency for you. With us, your production is always in sequence – you can build on us because we build for you.

A top priority for us is compliance with all contractual and statutory standards. Our specially qualified employees perform quality checks as well as air freight, container and customs handling. Furthermore, regular audits ensure we comply with all requirements within our regular processes.

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