On-site logistics links material flow and production. We would be happy to provide the perfect organization, control, implementation and optimization of your in-house goods and material flows. This is how we ensure smooth production supply in manufacturing facilities. We operate supplier logistics centers (SLC) in various sizes which make us the link between your suppliers and on-schedule delivery of goods and materials to your production line.

  • Reliable operation of your on-site logistics / plant logistics

  • Production supply – at your request right up to the production line

  • Operation of supplier logistics centers (SLC)

  • Supply concepts (JIT/JIS)

  • Operation of consignment warehouses

BLG LOGISTICS draws on profound expertise in complex logistics processes in production supply and disposal. This means we can act as a reliable link in your supply chain. On-site logistics links in-house goods and material flows to ensure smooth production supply in manufacturing plants. We are your experts for all aspects of on-site logistics. That means we act as part of your production and assembly line and take charge of subassemblies and module assemblies. Downstream, we supply individual parts and modules just in time for production to the locations where they will be used in your production lines. These value-creating activities optimize in-house goods flows and contribute to cost-efficient warehouse management. We manage material collection points and also dispose of finished parts, empties and materials from production.

Technical services
Technical services
Performance of subassemblies
Performance of subassemblies


Working closely with you, we plan the optimal supply of your production and offer a large range of value-added, specific goods preparation services. These value added services range from technical inspection to module assembly. Examples of this include cabling for electronic components, software installation, accurate cutting to size of long products, re-packing raw products, cleaning sensitive surfaces with laser technology and packing for country-specific stocking. Our professional on-site logistics gives you more efficiency in your production processes.

We deliver individual parts, large components and modules just in time for production to the locations where they will be used in your production lines. For the common supply strategies completely knocked down (CKD) and semi knocked down (SKD), we provide tailor-made logistics services.
We can also take on sequencing activities or kit packing for you – so that every part arrives at the right place at the right time. Depending on customer requirements and the specific production order, we expertly put together module sets and assemblies. Also included in our on-site logistics portfolio are subassembly activities performed by our qualified employees. We develop customized tugger train concepts, take care of internal transportation and supply supermarkets. BLG LOGISTICS is concerned with keeping stocks as low as possible and being able to react flexibly to changes in the quantities required. Therefore, we focus specifically on the e-kanban method for our customers, and our management of the supply processes is geared to the particular usage at the place of supply and the place of use.

 Employees taking on pre-assembly and module assemblies as part of plant logistics
Plant logistics.
Just-in-sequence supply strategy in plant logistics at BLG LOGISTICS GROUP.
Just-in-sequence supply strategy.


Parts are called up by the assembly line and we supply them from our supplier logistics centers (SLC). We deliver the parts and take back the empty containers. As part of our production supply service, we also offer customers global container management. We organize return transport of the load carriers, process them, and carry out any repairs that may be necessary. Our modern, eco-friendly washing plants meticulously clean load carriers and thoroughly prepare them for the next production steps. Where necessary, any relevant ESD requirements are met.

In our SLCs, we ensure smooth incoming goods, logistics, and outgoing goods processes: We check that incoming goods and their article numbers are correct, handle truck goods deliveries and, if required, carry out detailed quality inspections. Packing materials are processed as per requirements, auto parts re-packed from reusable containers, inventory checks carried out, goods picked, and goods deliveries containerized in the outgoing goods area. Besides re-packing goods, we also develop product-specific warehouse solutions. The supply strategies we implement include just-in-time (JIT) and just-in-sequence (JIS) as well as cross-docking. Packing planning and development, packing material management and picking round out our offer.

Consignment warehouse

We operate supplier logistics centers (SLC) in various sizes. An SLC is a common consignment warehouse for several suppliers located close to a major customer. The items in the warehouse remain the property of the suppliers until they are delivered to the customer. We act as a link between our customers' suppliers and the provision of the materials or goods to the production line. We guarantee fast, reliable delivery to the customer and contribute to optimal, cost-effective warehousing.

Picking of medium and small components for luxury vehicles.
Picking and on-site logistics.
Consignment warehouse as a link between our customers' suppliers in the in-house logistics.
Consignment warehouses for on-site logistics.


We offer you on-site logistics for production supply and deliver individual parts and modules to the correct assembly points in the production line in perfect synchronization with production. Line feeding provides parts just-in-sequence (JIS) or just-in-time (JIT) directly to the production line. Ready assembled components are taken from the production line and prepared for the next processing steps. Furthermore, we dispose of finished parts, empty containers and materials from production and manage on-site warehousing and material collection points. As part of recycling and waste management, we make sure materials and waste are disposed of correctly.

Sequencing ensures components are precisely supplied to the assembly line, synchronized to arrive just in time for production. Parts for vehicle-specific trays are picked and sequenced. For example, for luxury vehicles we pick medium and small components into vehicle-specific trays and sequence them into large components. All components are delivered in sync to the location in the production line where they are used. To guarantee high process safety and reliability, we use automated small parts warehouses and integrated handling equipment for sequencing large components. 

In the CKD area, the parts from the individual deliveries of suppliers and manufacturers are combined, packed as a complete kit, and delivered to the overseas assembly plant.
In SKD supply, BLG LOGISTICS takes care of the technical disassembly, the separate packing of the assembly kits, and the shipping via truck, railroad, or ship. Part-by-Part supply involves consolidating individual assembly parts in product-specific trays which are shipped by air, railroad, or ship.

Wir übernehmen für unsere Kunden die regelmäßigen Transporte zwischen Lager und Fertigung sowie innerbetriebliche Transporte. Selbstverständlich sind die Fahrpläne bis ins letzte Detail auf die Taktung Ihrer Produktion abgestimmt. Wir wählen das optimale Transportmittel aus, angepasst an Bedarf, Größe und Funktionalität, und setzen moderne Flottenfahrzeuge ein. Auch individuelle Shuttle-Konzepte gehören zu unserem Portfolio, angepasst an örtliche Gegebenheiten wie vorhandene Rampen, Überdachung oder den Platzbedarf.

These value-creating and tailor-made services round off our services portfolio

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