You can rely on BLG LOGISTICS when it comes to working hand-in-hand with your production line! Together with our customers, we design and implement pre-assembly solutions – flexibly and in top quality.

  • Independent design and planning of pre-assembly lines according to customer specifications

  • Product-specific development of equipment and tools

  • Creation of synergies by eliminating double handling

  • Day-to-day shopfloor management with defined KPI and lean principles

  • One-piece-flow method

Working in synchronization with your production line demands perfectly aligned processes and a high degree of know-how.

BLG LOGISTICS is happy to work as part of your production line. We take care of pre-assembly and module assembly of various safety-relevant components and visible parts – always in compliance with product-specific requirements, e.g. ESD requirements. Our special focus is on flexible line setups as well as control concepts, so that we can respond flexibly and optimally to all your requirements.

Vormontage mehrerer Baugruppen durch einen Monteur mit einem hohen Maß an Präzision und Fingerspitzengefühl
An employee pre-assembling assemblies.
Die Vormontage eines Kühlers für die deutsche Automobilindustrie
Screwing together parts in on-site pre-assembly


You can be sure our employees are experts at what they do! With tailor-made training concepts, we ensure compliance with all design and quality requirements. Furthermore, we develop our own tools, devices, and equipment to design processes that fit your purposes down to the last detail. This also enables us to perform all assembly work as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Depending on the level of variance and range of parts, we can also offer further services: from kit formation to pre-assembly of specified scopes through to complete supply of your production line. We are happy to support you with concept development and planning – from A to Z.

Even for tricky jobs, you can build on our competence. While we build for you!

In pre-assembly, we work with the one-piece-flow method to reduce assembly times and ensure smooth workflows. Our experience and know-how provide the ideal foundations that enable us to design optimal processes and continually build on our competencies for your benefit. Whether roof linings, radiators, engines, center consoles, or drive shafts – we make sure every part is in the correct place. Whatever the pre-assembly job, we always apply the utmost precision and accuracy.

Weiterhin versorgen wir die Produktionslinie und stellen die Teile just in sequence bereit. Für Luxusfahrzeuge kommissionieren wir darüber hinaus Mittel- und Kleinkomponenten zu fahrzeugspezifischen Warenkörben und sequenzieren diese zu Großkomponenten. In der Taktzeit der Montageposition werden alle Bauteile synchron in Ihr Werk geliefert.


We insert, snap in, clip, screw, glue, punch and otherwise assemble your parts. With every part we handle for you, we want to do our part in boosting your market success. Every day, our shopfloor management monitors and optimizes our processes. To do this, we use KPIs according to lean principles. Thanks to short communication paths, we can increase reaction speed and create high transparency for you. With us, your production is always in sequence – you can build on us because we build for you.

These value-creating and tailor-made services round off our services portfolio

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