Production supply with the strategies SKD / CKD / Part-by-Part

What we offer

Our core competence in production supply lies in the global supply of assembly lines with vehicle parts and components. We offer complete logistics solutions for the Completely Knocked Down (CKD), Semi Knocked Down (SKD) and Part-by-Part supply strategies.

Our services

  • Packing vehicle kits (CKD)
  • Container-optimized consolidation (Part-by-Part)
  • Technical vehicle disassembly (SKD)
  • Packaging planning
  • Hardening and preserving unfinished components

Drawing on more than 20 years of experience in the CKD / SKD and Part-by-Part supply strategies, we will be happy to support you as a development partner of new logistics processes worldwide. We offer you global supply of auto parts. Our sites handle over 60,000 containers per year, ensuring supplies to factories around the world. Always meeting our customers' specifications and regulations, we holistically plan, design, and optimize processes and develop joint strategies.

Completely Knocked Down supply strategies.


In the CKD area, the parts from the individual deliveries of suppliers and manufacturers are combined, packed as a complete kit, and delivered to the overseas assembly plant.

In SKD supply, BLG LOGISTICS takes care of the technical disassembly, the separate packing of the assembly kits, and the shipping via truck, railroad, or ship.

Part-by-Part supply involves consolidating individual assembly parts in product-specific trays which are shipped by air, railroad, or ship.

These value-creating and tailor-made services round off our services portfolio

Hardening and preserving raw components for automotive logistics.


Apart from the above supply strategies, we also take care of incoming goods, logistics, and outgoing goods processes. Truck deliveries are processed, detailed quality inspections carried out if required, packing materials processed according to specifications, auto parts re-packed from reusable containers, inventories carried out, and goods deliveries containerized in the outgoing goods area.

Apart from re-packing delivered goods, BLG LOGISTICS also offers cross-docking. Packing planning and development, packing material management, and picking round out our offer.

A top priority for us is compliance with all contractual and statutory standards. Quality checks as well as airfreight, container, and customs handling are carried out by specially trained employees. Furthermore, regular audits ensure we comply with all requirements within our regular processes.

We can do even more for you: Hardening and preserving unfinished components

Would you like your unfinished components to be hardened and preserved on site? With our expertise in this area, we are the right partner for this. We take care of the hardening and preservation of unfinished components – whatever the size.

Our driving principle? Your satisfaction.

Our goal is to design and perform processes responsibly hand-in-hand with you. That's why a trust-based relationship with our customers is so important to us. We aim to ensure this for our part by maintaining a close dialog so that we can react as quickly as possible to any changes. We benefit here from our vast expertise in technology, IT, and engineering. Let's get things moving together!

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