Do you have a system problem? We have the solution!

You value reliable IT management that creates seamless interfaces to your systems. Whether you use standard or highly customized systems – we are the right partner for you. Our IT management experts adapt any software to your requirements. Or if you prefer, they can also develop new solutions tailored to your needs.

  • Design, development, and adaptation of software systems

  • Interface management: design, configuration, and implementation

  • Roll-out of new IT systems during ongoing operations

  • Use of state-of-the-art, highly available server systems in certified computer centers

  • Professional, effective change management

At all our sites, we use software that is specially tailored to customer requirements. Examples are warehouse management systems (WMS), material flow systems, or specially developed software solutions. We use modern server systems in certified computer centers.

Thanks to the expertise we have built up from many years of experience, we can offer you not only standardized systems interfaces, but also custom solutions for seamless integration of your systems. With more than 80 EDI partners, we conduct more than two million transactions month after month.

Our IT services at a glance

  • Preparation of functional specification/requirements specification documents
  • Design, development and adaptation of software systems
  • Interface design, configuration, and implementation
  • Development of test cases and performance of tests, simulations, and emulations
  • Creation of audit-compliant documentation
  • Employee training in the software systems
  • Implementation of software systems
  • Infrastructure planning
  • System roll-outs without any interruption in operation 
  • Software and hardware support
  • IT security, data protection
  • Guarantee of failure-free IT operation due to central help-desk, 1st-level support, and coordination of 2nd and 3rd-level support
  • Standardized change management that supports and further develops systems throughout their life cycle
Experts in IT management.
Personnel training in IT management.

From standard through to new development

Whether we are working with standardized applications from long-term partners or in-house developments: we gear these to the needs of our customers and their target processes. When developing the configuration and programming procedures, we focus particularly on user-friendliness and process reliability. Creating solutions that are intuitive to operate, transparent, and individually extensible. In this way, the IT systems optimally meet all requirements and support users in their daily work.

We focus in particular on transparency in our processes. All status information on storage, shipping, or returns processes is available at all times and can supply important information for downstream processes (e.g. communication with end customers). Furthermore, we can extend the range of relevant information whenever your requirements change. Individual reporting and control tools also allow precise planning of operational business and optimal control of all activities.

Is your company affected by constant change? Does it have to adapt to new market situations or statutory requirements? With our comprehensive overview of the whole situation, we provide expert support in change management.

Tests for IT management.

The success of our IT management speaks for itself

Currently we offer tailor-made software support at more than 40 locations in Germany and abroad. Customers above all appreciate our high level of flexibility. Our IT experts provide professional, customer-oriented support to find the right solution for you every time.

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