Lean Management

A little better every day thanks to our BLG-production system

Are you looking for employee-oriented training concepts and lean processes through the use of lean management methods? Then discover now how we at BLG LOGISTICS live our lean management culture!

  • Development of training concepts tailored to the employees at your site

  • Qualification of multipliers: train-the-trainer principle

  • Implementation of lean management standards to increase efficiency

  • Leadership culture that focuses on the employee

The BLG production system - the targeted alignment of processes to customer needs

The BLG production system describes the holistic approach to aligning processes with customer needs. This pursuit is enforced at our company through training methods and the use of methods from the lean management philosophy. 

Optimization of existing processes
Optimization of existing processes
Operational Training Center
Operational Training Center

Lean management at BLG LOGISTICS - a little better every day!

Getting a little better every day - that is our ambition. To achieve this, we rely on the BLG Production System. 
Through tailored training and a sustainable qualification system, we ensure that all employees are professionally trained to meet the requirements - this makes us strong in implementation from the "Start of Operations (SOP)". 

Operational knowledge carriers are trained as multipliers according to the train-the-trainer principle in methodology, didactics and the customer- and site-specific processes for training implementation. In addition, the BLG production system describes methods for process optimization and a variety of lean management concepts and standards that are consistently implemented at all BLG locations. 

A wide range of measures are designed to ensure the smooth running of work processes:

  • Shopfloor management: increasing the flow of communication, transparency and problem-solving speed.
  • 5S (Sorting, Systematization, Cleanliness, Standardization and Self-Discipline): Increasing efficiency, quality, order, cleanliness and safety through optimally structured workplaces 
  • Waste Walk: Identification of waste at the point of action 
  • Kanban: Demand-oriented consumption control with high customer orientation
  • CIP (continuous improvement process): Improvement in small steps for sustainable and fast results
  • Visualization and blueprints: Uniform visual standards that can be understood regardless of national language.

...and much more!

Our experts in Lean Management work closely with our sites to promote further development and expertise on site. New standards are developed and best practice solutions are exchanged in joint working groups.

Mitarbeiter stehen im Shopfloor
Lean Management in logistics.
Lean Management