Operational excellence - continuous improvements, lean management methods, and learner-centered training

What we offer

You're looking for employee-oriented training concepts, streamlined processes based on lean management methods, and continuous identification of optimization potentials? Discover operational excellence at BLG LOGISTICS!

Our services

  • Development of training concepts tailored to the employees at your site
  • Qualification of multipliers: train-the-trainer principle
  • Implementation of lean management standards to increase efficiency
  • Proactive, continuous optimization of existing processes
  • Implementation of Six Sigma projects in line with DMAIC logic

Operational excellence is the term for a holistic approach whereby all processes are defined by customer needs. Our instruments for driving this concept at BLG include our Operational Training Center, our application of lean management methods, and our proactive process management. Together, these elements form the foundations of our BLG production system.

Operational Training Center – learner-centered training methods for effective employee qualification

The Operational Training Center at BLG LOGISTICS provides tailored training courses based on an effective qualification system. All employees receive professional training that equips them for their work. That ensures top performance right from the start of production (SOP).

We apply the train-the-trainer principle and instruct our experienced operators in training and educational methods as well as customer and location-specific processes. This gives them the skills they need to act as multipliers in training activities. What's more, our Operational Training Center supports communication between operational trainers across locations. It is the first point of contact for the improvement of existing training courses.

Optimization of existing processes
Optimization of existing processes
Operational Training Center
Operational Training Center

Lean management at BLG LOGISTICS – our production system for smooth workflows

Every day a little better for you. Our BLG production system delivers top results. It applies methods such as lean management concepts and standards that we systematically implement at all our locations. A range of diverse measures is designed to ensure smooth workflows:

  • Shopfloor management: boosts communication flow, transparency, and rapid problem-solving
  • 5S (sort, set in order, shine, standardize, and sustain): increases efficiency, quality, tidiness, cleanliness and safety with optimally organized work spaces
  • Waste walk: identifies waste at its sources
  • Kanban: needs-based materials flow control with high customer-orientation
  • CIP (continuous improvement process): steady improvement for sustainable, fast results
  • Visualization and blueprints: uniform optical standards understandable in any language
  • And much more

Our lean management experts work closely with the teams at our various locations. That supports improvement and increases local expertise. Joint working groups compile new standards and exchange best-practice solutions.

Mitarbeiter stehen im Shopfloor
Lean Management in logistics.
Lean Management

Process management at BLG LOGISTICS - every day a little better.

Our process management is responsible for the continuous implementation of optimization potentials – proactively and with innovative solutions as well as clearly defined structures. We coordinate projects using the DMAIC principle and execute them together with our locations. DMAIC stands for the phases Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control. Proven methods identify the underlying causes of problems. Then standards are created with specific tools which eliminate the issues. The method also includes process analysis and control. To increase efficiency, manual processes are replaced by automation and technology.

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