ProjeCt management

Expert project management for your logistics

Are you planning a new logistics system, or do you want to optimize your existing processes? We can take care of project management for you and develop tailor-made solutions - from A to Z. We use innovative methods and concepts, and ensure zero disruption of your operations.

  • Development of "state-of-the-art" logistics concepts

  • Planning, construction and commissioning of new logistics centers

  • Concept development, selection and implementation of process-optimized and component-optimized warehouses

  • Project management for complex implementation projects (including new builds)

  • Planning and implementation of lean, waste-free and optimized logistics concepts tailored to customer requirements

We want our customers to be happy from start to finish. Therefore, we accept nothing less than the best when creating tailored solutions designed for the individual customer. From concept development to realization – we guarantee optimal management of your projects from A to Z – whether we provide a single service or restructure your entire supply chain.

In close cooperation with you, we develop holistic logistics concepts that meet your concrete requirements. The force behind our projects is an expert, motivated team dedicated to finding a solution for every challenge. They provide fast and flexible answers, and beyond mere logistics, they can offer you an extensive service package. With our help, your initial idea evolves into a coherent overall concept. We are with you every step of the way: From the search for or construction of the right facility which takes account of all the necessary location factors to successful implementation of smart IT systems and efficiency-boosting technologies. We structure upcoming tasks, reliably keep an eye on the time schedule, act as a link between all the project participants and lead the project to its successful conclusion hand-in-hand with you. For best results, we back up our project management with innovative concepts, effective technology and a secure quality gate concept. This ensures top quality at all times.

[Translate to Englisch:] Mitarbeiter bei der Planung von neuen Logistikanlagen
Planning new logistics facilities.
[Translate to Englisch:] Team für Projektmanagement bei der BLG LOGISTICS GROUP
Our project management team works hand-in-hand with the customer.


We fulfill varied and specific requirements with our many years of experience, extensive expertise plus proven standards and methods which we can adapt to your individual project. Highly automated solutions combined with wide-ranging technical competencies are the hallmarks of our services. Our portfolio covers, among other things, data analysis, process evaluation using the MTM method as well as precise calculation and planning of every individual logistics process. Especially important here are the selection of the right logistics facility and warehouse technology as well as recruitment and transfer of operations according to §613a BGB (German Civil Code), including professional training courses.

What we offer at a glance:

  • Development of state-of-the-art logistics concepts
  • Planning, construction and commissioning of new logistics facilities
  • Concept development, selection and implementation of warehouse technology optimized for the processes and the articles
  • Management of complex realization projects (incl. new construction)
  • Planning, selection and implementation of modern warehouse management systems
  • Development and implementation of HR concepts including recruiting, training and transfer of operations
  • Planning and performance of warehouse stock relocations while guaranteeing constant availability of goods
  • Implementation of new technologies during ongoing operation
  • Introduction of new IT systems without any interruption in operations
  • Modification of existing logistics processes
Prozessplanung bei BLG LOGISTICS
###Process planning
[Translate to Englisch:] Projektleitung von komplexen Realisierungsprojekten
###Project management of complex realization projects
[Translate to Englisch:] Implementierung neuer Technologien (Dronen) im laufenden Betrieb.
###Implementation of new technologies.


What motivates us? We want to understand our customers. The foundation for this is cooperation based on partnership and open, honest dialog. Whatever the project, our focus is on your wishes and requirements. It's vital that the concepts we develop reflect the individual character of each customer and suit the specific corporate strategy. What is important to us? We think outside the box and take you along with us on a process that produces a well-thought-out, coherent overall concept. With more than 500 successfully realized projects, wide-ranging expertise in project management, strong structures, high performance capability and a solid corporate and project culture, we provide you with expert consulting. You can count on us.

Are you planning a new logistics facility, or do you want to optimize your existing processes? We are the right partner for your project management!