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You can benefit from our container management at over 50 locations throughout Germany - transparent, cost-effective, and eco-friendly. We are also experts in wet and dry cleaning of containers. Our capacity of up to 6 million cleaned parts per year speaks for itself.

  • Optimal container availability thanks to automated processes
  • pH-neutral cleaning in ultramodern industrial washing plants
  • Repair and replacement of containers
  • Cost savings and positive eco-balance
  • Transparent documentation of individual containers and container sets

The permanent availability of load carriers is a prerequisite for an optimal flow of materials and smooth production. Our professional container management with its automated processes ensures optimal container availability.

When coordinating your container cycle, we especially take care to fulfill all relevant ESD requirements. To do this, we make the documentation of single containers and container sets as transparent as possible. Another major priority for us is preventing unnecessary delays in process planning with optimal coordination of container filling, locations, and transport routes. Whenever necessary, we repair or substitute containers immediately to keep the container cycle running smoothly. In addition, the use of reusable containers and IT-assisted container management contribute to cost savings and a positive ecological balance. You benefit from practical solutions and state-of-the-art container management.

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Container management - transparent, cost-effective, and eco-friendly


As part of our comprehensive container management, BLG LOGISTICS operates ultramodern washing systems for small load carriers, plastic pallets, pallet covers, and reusable packaging. In our industrial washing plants, we can clean various types of small load carriers. Optimally coordinated systems in terms of mechanics, temperature, chemicals and contact time solve the most complex cleaning requirements. This ensures a constant and reliable cleaning result every time.

Small load carriers fully automatically pass through three washing zones and one drying zone into a climatized clean room, which is separate from our storage areas. The drying result is defined by high-performance drying with adjustable blow-out blades. The containers are completely dried at 70-85 degrees by means of air nozzles.

Resource-saving technologies – respect for the environment.

The capacity of our industrial washing plants ranges from around 2.3 million parts to about 6 million parts per year. A major aspect for us is protecting resources and the environment. This is why we use pH-neutral cleaning agents and minimize fresh-water consumption by reconditioning and re-using water in the process.

  • Water filtration down to a particle size of 200 µm
  • Ferrous metals filtered using magnetic separators 
  • Fresh water is only supplied in the form of evaporated water 
  • Use of pH-neutral cleaner
  • Fresh water is introduced only at the end of the process and fed back into the upstream process without reconditioning

These value-creating and tailor-made services round off our services portfolio

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The BLG site in Eisenach has been taking care of cleaning load carriers for the automotive industry since 2002. The variety of items meticulously cleaned ranges from small load carriers to deep-drawn molded parts through to entire plastic pallets and covers.

The facility features two 13-meter container washing plants. State-of-the-art conveyor technology guides pallets over a heavy-load track to the plants, then the individual parts are further transported via a link belt to the packing station. A fully automated conveyor track, including wrapping units and a pallet doubler which stacks the large load carriers, transport the cleaned load carriers to the transfer point. To meet our customers' high requirements for cleanliness, BLG has also erected a clean room around the two container washing plants. This closed area guarantees maximum cleanliness and optimal container management.

We have installed a third washing plant outside the clean room. Apart from the washing systems, the location also features a dry cleaning plant which cleans with ionized air. Every day, BLG can clean up to 40,000 units. That adds up to 10 million parts per year.

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