Neustädter Hafen break bulk terminal

Europe's largest terminal for steel products, forestry products and project cargo

At Neustädter Hafen in Bremen, we operate Europe's largest terminal for break bulk and heavy cargo as well as project cargo. On an area of approx. 100 hectares, including some 240,000 m² of covered storage space, we handle around 1.4 million tons of break bulk cargo per year. We are experts for handling project cargo, steel products (e.g. coils, sheets, pipes, slabs, beams), forestry products (e.g. paper, pulp, sawed lumber).

  • Steel product handling

  • Forestry product handling

  • Project cargo handling

  • Container handling

  • Storage & distribution

  • Drawing up handling concepts

At Neustädter Hafen in Bremen, we operate Europe's largest break bulk terminal for break bulk and heavy cargo. On an area of approx. 100 hectares, including some 240,000 m² of covered storage space, we handle around 1.4 million tons of steel and forestry products, machinery and equipment as well as project cargo. Neustädter Hafen port is ideally connected to the European road, rail and waterway networks. Liner and charter vessels link Bremen with global destinations. Neustädter Hafen meets high standards of quality, environmental protection and safety in compliance with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018.


At our break bulk terminal in Neustädter Hafen, Bremen, we lift cargo with unit weights up to 200 tons. As well as having all the specialized equipment needed to handle the different products, we have built up many years of experience and expertise, which is absolutely vital for the proper handling of very diverse products. Neustädter Hafen has approx. 450,000 m² of open storage space and operational area as well as some 240,000 m² of covered storage space. These capacities allow us to accommodate large quantities of goods at any time in the port before shipping, or to store them on a long-term basis. We handle almost all products from the product groups:

  • steel products (pipes, coils, sheets, slabs, beams etc.)
  • forestry products (paper, pulp, sawed lumber etc.)
  • machinery / equipment (break bulk, heavy cargo, rail vehicles, road vehicles etc.)
[Translate to Englisch:] BLG Mitarbeiter bei der Verladung von Schwergut / Break Bulk.
Employees loading heavy cargo.
[Translate to Englisch:] Verladung von Schwergut am Seehafen-Terminal.
Heavy cargo logistics at the seaport terminal.


Neustädter Hafen in Bremen is Europe's largest terminal for conventional cargo. The terminal not only has a quay length of 2.1 km, it is also equipped to handle almost all types of conventional cargo:

  • Covered storage areas: 240,000 m²
  • Open storage areas: 450,000 m²
  • Crane capacities: up to 200 t
  • Fork-lift trucks up to 52 t
  • Reach stackers: various
  • Ro-ro ramps: up to 100 t
  • Railroad tracks: 18 km

Neustädter Hafen has ideal trimodal transport connections. We have a direct, congestion-free link to the road network via the A281. We are connected to the European waterway network via the Weser river and the German Midland Canal. With around 18 km of railroad trackage at the terminal and the upstream station of Bremen-Grolland, we are able to dispatch multiple block trains simultaneously, or to take delivery of rail vehicles long before shipping. Liner and charter vessels link Neustädter Hafen with ports in North and Central America, the Mediterranean region and worldwide destinations.

[Translate to Englisch:] Europas größtes Terminal für Stückgut / Breakbulk im Neustädter Hafen.
Europe's largest terminal for break bulk.
[Translate to Englisch:] Fristgerechte Verladung von jährlich 1,2 Mio. Tonnen Breakbulk-Ladung.
Shipping of 1.2 million tons of break bulk per year.


We offer our customers tailor-made solutions from one source: from technical consulting to complete project logistics including upstream and downstream processes for heavy cargo logistics. Many years of experience, extensive technical expertise and closely meshed terminals ensure smooth loading and shipping of project and heavy cargoes. Technical and nautical specialists in the BLG team support the loading process. Various value added services complete our service range, including customs clearance, export declarations (AES), stowage inspection, dispatch according to NCTS, freeport warehouses:

  • Reliable, on-schedule forwarding processing for imports and exports
  • Individual consulting and complete transport performance
  • Transport monitoring – on request from the factory gates to the port of destination
  • Consulting, planning and performance of load securing
[Translate to Englisch:] Breakbulk Terminal im Neustädter Hafen in Bremen mit einer Lagerfläche von 450.000 Quadratmeter.
Break bulk terminal at Neustädter Hafen.
[Translate to Englisch:] Weltweite Verladung von Stahl- und Forstprodukten sowie Maschinen und Anlagen.
Global shipping of steel and forestry products.
[Translate to Englisch:] Breakbulk / Stahlprodukte vor der Verladung auf ein Schiff.
Interim storage of steel products.

At the Neustädter Hafen terminal, we can provide assembly space directly alongside deep-water berths. All the necessary equipment is available in the form of reach stackers, self-propelled modular transports (SPMT) and mobile harbor cranes with a capacity of more than 200 t. On request, we can also supply conventional mobile cranes, elevated platforms and scaffolding.

We offer expert support services for large and heavy cargoes as well as for pre-transport assembly and post-transport dismantling. On your behalf we can also develop and deliver customized transport solutions – with covered storage facilities if required.

Our associated company Schultze Stevedoring GmbH + Co. KG, in which BLG Cargo Logistics holds a 50% share, offers stowing and lashing operations along the river Weser. Whether heavy cargoes, high-value steel or easily damaged forestry products: we would be happy to provide you with consulting, planning and implementation of load securing on board ship.

BLG Cargo Logistics inspectors work hand-in-hand with the inspectors from Schultze Stevedoring. Joint planning of loading and unloading work guarantees fast ship processing.

Find out more about stowing and lashing in cargo handling logistics!

Hansa Marine Logistics GmbH is a full subsidiary of BLG Cargo Logistics GmbH and offers the following services:

  • Ship clearance (Weser ports and German North Sea ports)
  • Dry-docking in Bremen / Bremerhaven / Hamburg
  • Transports
  • Port cost calculations
  • Crew changes
  • Supply of provisions and spare parts
  • Coordination of ship repairs
  • Cargo documentation

Find out more about clearance activities:

We serve our customers as a one-stop shop for proposing and planning lashing concepts, giving technical advice on loading project and heavy cargoes and implementing every aspect of handling operations.

Our experienced engineering team develops tailor-made, holistic concepts for your requirements. Included in our service portfolio are not only technical planning of all transport, storage and handling processes, but also developing and setting up modular storage, transport and carrier systems and compiling method statements.

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Together with our associated company DCP Dettmer Container Packing GmbH + Co. KG, we offer extensive services on all aspects of container handling: container freight station, container depot, container repairs. The large buildings of our Packing Center cover a total area of more than 30,000 m². They are ideal for the storage and picking of break bulk and palletized cargoes. A feeder service directly links the Neustädter Hafen to the container terminal in Bremerhaven.

Whether you want to transport valuable steel coils, rolls of paper, heavy construction machines, offshore plant components or complete subway trains: Professional handling of heavy goods is all in a day's work for us.

We offer you expert support for your heavy transports: It starts with the organization and performance of pre-carriage to the terminals and continues with onward carriage from the terminals plus assembly work prior to transport and dismantling after transport. We always focus on your requirements.

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  • Customs clearance
  • Export declarations (AES)
  • Stowage inspection
  • Forwarding process via NCTS
  • Free port warehouse

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