Heavy load logistics

no cargo is too big or too heavy for our heavy cargo specialists

Nothing is too big, too heavy or too bulky for our heavy cargo specialists. We plan and create individual and tailor-made logistics solutions from a single source for project and heavy load cargoes. On our heavy-load terminals at the Bremen and Bremerhaven locations, we have large outdoor storage and covered warehouse areas as well as the special equipment for heavy cargo. We lift, move, store, assemble and transport all types of heavy goods. Customers from the engineering industry, automotive break bulk, wind energy and freight forwarding sectors benefit from our many years of experience in heavy cargo logistics.

  • Optimal logistics for all types of heavy cargo

  • Special equipment for heavy cargoes

  • Our own heavy-load terminals

  • Consulting and planning

Nothing is too big, too heavy or too bulky for our heavy goods specialists. We offer our customers tailor-made solutions from one source: from technical consulting to complete project logistics including upstream and downstream processes for heavy cargo logistics. Many years of experience, extensive technical expertise and closely meshed terminals ensure smooth loading and shipping of project and heavy cargoes. Technical and nautical specialists in the BLG team support the loading process.

Every day, our heavy goods specialists work with loads that demand special care due to their exceptional dimensions and weights. For renowned companies around the world, we organize project cargoes from the factory to the construction site – from Europe to overseas and in the reverse direction. Our regular activities for customers include pure FOB deliveries as well as the organization of cross trades. BLG LOGISTICS has excellent infrastructure for this as well as special equipment and direct port access.

We move all types of self-propelled or rolling units, handle iron, steel, pipes and lumber and transport and transship special project cargo. Our locations in Bremen and Bremerhaven have excellent infrastructure as well as special equipment, e.g. SPMTs, which are available wherever the customer order requires.

Heavy cargo logistics for project cargo and break bulk.
Heavy cargo logistics for project cargo and break bulk.
Logistics for all kinds of heavy goods.
Logistics for all kinds of heavy goods.


Storage and handling of heavy cargo, heavy loads and project cargo make high demands of the terminals and equipment. Our ro-ro terminal in Bremerhaven has everything needed for rolling cargo. The break bulk terminal in Bremen specializes in project cargo and heavy cargo. Furthermore, the Bremen terminal also offers waterside assembly of heavy loads.

Our ro-ro and high & heavy logistics

The High & Heavy / RoRo-Terminal Bremerhaven provides a broad range of services covering all aspects of heavy cargo loads. Our core business in high & heavy is handling and interim storage of all kinds of self-propelled or rollable units such as trucks, trailers, tractors and construction machinery. Other activities include loading and unloading of commercial vehicles and rail cars, MAFI trailers and barges and coasters.
Apart from pure handling, our high & heavy activities include many specialized services such as washing, preservation, painting and assembly work and seaworthy packing.

Break bulk logistics

For our heavy goods specialists, nothing is too big, too heavy or too bulky. Whether iron or steel, pipes, all kinds of wood products, machines, plant components, project cargo, road or rail vehicles. Specially trained employees and efficient special equipment ensure high productivity and quality standards. Especially at the Bremen location, we have sufficient covered and uncovered storage space to enable the handling and storage of even large volumes of products of all kinds. On our extensive site, we can also consolidate large goods flows and pack them in seaworthy containers. If your heavy goods are too large and heavy for road transport, we offer assembly areas directly on the deep-water quayside.

Unseren Schwerlastspezialisten ist nichts zu groß, zu schwer oder zu sperrig.
BLG LOGISTICS is your heavy load specialist.
Loading a train
Loading a train.


To support you, we offer consulting for the organization of your heavy transports / special transports to the transshipment port or hub. Our highly motivated heavy goods specialists draw on many years of experience and expertise to advise our customers competently and individually. They provide support right from the start with planning, organization and implementation of your heavy cargo transport.

Whether you want to transport valuable steel coils, rolls of paper, heavy construction machines, offshore plant components or complete subway trains: we offer expert support. It starts with the organization and performance of pre-carriage to the terminals and continues with onward carriage from the terminals plus assembly work prior to transport and dismantling after transport.
We take care to ensure reliable, on-time forwarding for imports and exports as well as transport monitoring – on request from the factory gates to the port of destination. Finally, we carry out professional load securing during loading and shipping of your heavy goods on our high & heavy terminals in Bremen and Bremerhaven.

Consulting and planning for heavy load transport.
Consulting and planning for heavy load transport.
Loading heavy cargo
Loading heavy cargo.

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