Offer for visitors to Bremen and Bremerhaven

BLG LOGISTICS offers company tours at the Bremen and Bremerhaven sites, this offer being exclusively directed at professional visitors with a logistics background. There is an option for "young talents" also, but it is limited and caters only for those in vocational school and students of logistics.

Due to the strict security regulations in the logistics centers and in the ports, unfortunately not all interested persons can be allowed access to the facilities and terminals.

For members of the public who are interested, there is the alternative in Bremerhaven of taking the HafenBus (port bus). The HafenBus is supported by BLG LOGISTICS and offers all visitors the opportunity of learning about the port and the processes at the auto and container terminals at close quarters.

Qualified guides lead these tours and provide a commentary.

Details on the HafenBus

Professional visitors can direct their requests by e-mail to:

Holger Föh
Visitor management 

Please specify your background, your preferred date, the site you wish to visit, and the number of people. Bear in mind that we can generally only receive groups of up to a maximum of 25 people (max. 15 people for the high-bay warehouse).

Do you have any questions?

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