Questions and answers about applying to BLG LOGISTICS

May I drop by and hand in my application in person?

It would be better if you applied online and used the application button in our job advertisements to upload your documents. That way, we all save paper – and you receive your response right in your e-mail inbox.

How can I apply for a position abroad?

Please send your application by e-mail to the contact person at that location. That way, your documents will arrive in the right hands there.

May I submit an unsolicited application?

An application costs time and energy. We want to make sure you invest your energy well, which is why you can send us an application only if we have an open position. We will not accept unsolicited applications.

After I register, how can I find out whether my data has arrived?

Once your online application is in our system, you will immediately receive a confirmation of receipt by e-mail.

You didn’t get an e-mail?

Take a look in your SPAM folder – maybe our confirmation ended up there.

Are travel costs reimbursed?

Yes, BLG LOGISTICS will take care of your travel costs for a train ticket in second class (journey there are back). You will receive more information when we invite you to an interview.

Can I send an application to several locations or apply for several positions at the same time?

Certainly. We would be happy to have you apply for several positions. Just make sure that your cover letter is appropriate for each position advertised. That way, we will also see right away why you think this position is so interesting.

What should my application contain?

An online application is like a paper application, just without the paper.

Make sure to upload all the important information: cover letter, CV, one photo, references, and everything else we absolutely need to know about you!

Questions and answers about applying for an apprenticeship

How does the selection process work?

At BLG LOGISTICS, you can reach your apprenticeship with one click. In Bremen, we use an online procedure. You don’t have any application documents on hand now? No problem. You can take our tests the first time without them. Everything is very straightforward – we’ll let you know as soon as we need your documents.

Apprenticeship outside of Bremen?

This is how it works: apply online using the application button in our apprenticeship advertisements and upload your documents. This is what happens if we like your application: we will invite you to a selection procedure right at the location.

What happens after my apprenticeship?

You had a successful apprenticeship at BLG LOGISTICS, learned a lot, and received wonderful results on your final examination? Great – all apprentices who show exceptional commitment receive a work contract after their apprenticeship.

Are there training opportunities after the apprenticeship?

It is important to us that you can continue to develop personally and professionally. Therefore: wherever we can, we try to support you. We offer you continuing education and training programs so that you can grow together with us.

Questions and answers about applying for an internship

Can I do an internship at one of your locations abroad?

Internship abroad? Why not? Gain experience abroad and send your application directly to the contact person at the location that interests you.

You can find more information about a student internship at BLG LOGISTICS here.

Is the internship paid?

Interns with management salary? Sadly, we cannot afford that. But we will, of course, pay you during your student internship.