Advantages of apprenticeships


Do you already have an educational certificate and no desire to continue at school? Here's why an apprenticeship is just right for you:

  • Practical work: In the vocational school you learn theory that you can then experience in practice. You feel a sense of progress.
  • Financial independence: You earn your own money from the first day of your apprenticeship.
  • High chances of being taken on: If you achieve good results in your apprenticeship, we will offer you an employment contract.

What then? Even after your apprenticeship, we continue to support your development. Should I go on to university? When you qualify from your apprenticeship, you are also qualified to study at university in a related field.

First apprenticeship, then university

Do you have your university entrance qualification and want to study? Here's why an apprenticeship before university is also a good move for you:

  • Practical experience: During your apprenticeship, you gain a wide range of insights into the real-life processes at our company.
  • With practical experience under your belt, you will find it easier to choose the right study program. And: You don't have to decide straight after graduating from school.
  • You can collect additional "waiting semesters" and increase your chances of getting a university place. 
  • Future employers will be impressed. Many companies prefer applicants who can offer both a university degree and a vocational training qualification.

Combining apprenticeship and university

Apprenticeship or university?

Why choose one, when you can have both? In our dual study programs, we link theory and practice. Directly apply what you learn in your work and take on exciting tasks.

Interested? Find out more about our: Dual study program.

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