Logistics supplier center

The new logistics supplier center in Falkensee has been in operation since January 2, 2014. Here, BLG handles all external warehouse processes (bundled) for the Siemens switchgear plant in Berlin. The range of services at the Falkensee site encompasses goods acceptance including identity check, the storage of goods and removal of goods from storage, bundling of pipes, and transport into the plant with our own trucks. Siemens' suppliers are integrated with contract warehouses and consignment warehouses.

On top, we take care for the production supply of two more clients in Berlin.

We provide the following services at our site in Falkensee:

  • JIT- production supply
  • technical ident-checks
  • warehousing
  • set-building
  • shuttle transports
  • load carrier management 
  • costums processing
The site has a storage area of more than 21,000m².

Authorized economic operator (AEO) – certificates

Customs clearance / import and export management

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