Coldstore logistics

Excellent storage solutions for food and non-food products

In coldstore logistics, special storage solutions are required for frozen goods. At its site in Bremerhaven, Kloosterboer BLG Coldstore operates the region's largest industrial cold store for the storage and efficient handling of frozen products, with a capacity of 27,000 pallets. Along the entire supply chain, we take care of temperature-controlled logistics, keeping your products at the ideal temperature at all times.

  • Complete logistics for frozen goods

  • A powerful partnership and network – Kloosterboer Group and local service providers

  • Ideal location: Container Terminal Bremerhaven

  • Our accreditations

  • Frozen goods services along the supply chain

Frozen goods require special storage solutions. This applies equally to the storage of foods, pet foods or non-foods. As a specialist for coldstore logistics, we take on your temperature-controlled logistics, covering handling, storage, picking and distribution at the ideal temperatures and to your specifications.

We are a member of the Kloosterboer Group and therefore a partner in a strong community dedicated to global coldstore logistics. With our cold store at the Bremerhaven Container Terminal, we are part of a wide network. With a capacity of 27,000 Euro-pallets at its Bremerhaven site, Kloosterboer BLG Coldstore operates the largest industrial cold store for the storage and handling of temperature-controlled pet food and non-food goods. Among our long-term customers are renowned companies in German industry, including the fish industry.

[Translate to Englisch:] Luftansicht des Hafens inkl. der Lagerhallen für die Tiefkühllogistik am Standort Bremerhaven
Coldstore logistics at the Bremerhaven location

Coldstore logistics at the Bremerhaven location: Ideal for end-to-end handling of your frozen products

The cold store is located directly in the free port at the Container Terminal Bremerhaven, at the interface between land and sea. The site provides numerous advantages in international goods traffic to important sales markets for temperature-controlled products. Another factor that makes Bremerhaven ideal is its closeness to veterinary and customs authorities as well as official plant health inspection facilities. Finally, our cold store also benefits from the specialist know-how of local logistics, trade and food production companies in the direct vicinity

Whether you deal with partners in the EU or third countries, our warehouse organization and equipment perfectly comply with all product requirements. The cold store is approved for:

  • EU transport of meat and fish (DE-HB-01049-EG)
  • Re-packing and labeling packed foods of animal origin (DE-HB-01049-EG)
  • Storage of goods of animal origin from third countries that do not comply with EU requirements (DE-HB-II-1)
  • Storage of organic products in accordance with eco-control regulation (LACON: DE-ÖKO-003)
  • Storage of animal by-products (DE 04 012 0010 03)

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[Translate to Englisch:]  Tiefkühllogistik bei minus 24 Grad Celsius am Standort der BLG LOGISTICS GROUP in Bremerhaven
Coldstore logistics at the Bremerhaven location
[Translate to Englisch:] 27.000 Palettenstellplätze für die Kühllogistik von Kloosterboer BLG Coldstore
Storage of up to 27,000 pallets of frozen products

In temperature-controlled logistics, we don't give your products the cold shoulder!

Feel the cold of our deep-freeze logistics. Feel the warmth of our cooperation!

Along the entire value creation chain for frozen goods, we offer extensive services, for example temperature-controlled storage, distribution and logistics for food and handling of temperature-controlled non-food goods. Our coldstore logistics portfolio covers the storage of frozen products including fish, meat, poultry, fruit and vegetables. You can also rely on effective repacking of packaged food, plus handling, picking and labeling. We take care of the registration of goods from third countries and smooth their progress through official inspections. We are your ideal partner for the distribution and delivery of frozen food, pet food or non-food products, plus cross-docking and container loading and unloading. Also covered by our service portfolio is the complete handling of imports and exports, including customs and veterinary processing as well as arrangements for transit to third countries.

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