Customized warehouse logistics - tailored to your needs

A great deal can happen between receipt of incoming goods to dispatch of outgoing goods: That is why effective warehouse planning and efficient organization are critical to the business success of a warehouse and a key element in our warehouse logistics. Taking into account your specific requirements, we offer you the right warehousing concepts, optimal warehouse management systems, and the ideal technology to make sure your warehouse complies with the state of the art.

  • From incoming to outgoing goods – warehouse logistics from A to Z. 

  • Needs-based warehouse concepts 

  • The right warehouse systems 

  • Efficient warehouse organization 

  • Warehouse management systems

Finding the right concept for the storage of goods and merchandise is crucial. Warehouse logistics covers all the systems used in the warehouse: from incoming goods to the type of storage, picking, and outgoing goods.

In the incoming goods area, we expertly receive your goods and check them for correct condition and contents. Then we transfer them to the inventory with an assigned storage location which is saved to the warehouse management system. The system provides information about necessary inventories, helps ensure a high warehouse occupation level, and enables the optimization of internal processes such as order compilation and inventory movements.

Needs-based warehouse logistics.
Warehouse organization in warehouse logistics.

We are dedicated to creating a concept for you that is flexible enough to respond in an agile way to changes at any time. Based on the specific requirements of your products, business volume, and the prevailing general conditions, our interdisciplinary project teams made up of experts on operations and processes as well as IT and technology work out the ideal concept.

In warehouse logistics, our specialists apply all solutions, from low-tech to 
high-tech – all that counts is what's best for you.

  • Shelving racks and flow racking
  • Pallet and drive-through racks
  • Block storage (palletized and non-palletized)
  • Fully-automated high-bay racking for cartons and pallets
  • Semi-automated bay warehouse

Other important considerations in our strategic planning are factors such as turnover rates and unplanned demand peaks. Ultimately, choosing the right warehouse systems has a major impact on the profitability of any warehouse. That is why this aspect is a vital element in our extensive warehouse logistics services. The most important criteria are warehouse capacity, flexibility, product variety, and costs.

Warehouse logistics for food.
Efficient warehouse organization.
Container management in warehouse logistics.


We monitor all warehouse systems with the aid of IT, organize replenishment control, and optimize placement of the goods. Furthermore, we take care of technical optimization of existing customer systems, or implement new technologies such as pick-by-light and pick-by-voice.

The demands on the logistics service provider are different for every warehouse, depending on the statutory provisions and customer requirements. With all relevant IT systems connected via standardized or individual interfaces, we ensure a transparent data flow along the entire process chain.

Our services in warehouse logistics at a glance:

  • Storage and handling of temperature-controlled goods
  • Storage of hazardous goods
  • Security concepts for goods at particular risk of theft
  • Certifications (IFS, etc.) and customer-specific quality audits


These value-creating and tailor-made services round off our services portfolio

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