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What we offer

You're looking for an expert in distribution logistics? Look no further. We will be happy to operate your distribution center and supply you with holistic concepts including sustainable solutions and the latest technology.

Our services

  • Inventory management, replenishment control, planning, shipment, distribution
  • Use of intelligent systems: error-free, on-time picking
  • High flexibility for an agile response to growth fluctuations
  • Multi-channel logistics for high availability in all sales channels

With our distribution logistics solutions, we support you so that your goods are dispatched quickly and reliably to your customers. We develop custom warehouse concepts for you to ensure on-time and error-free picking. We use a whole range of intelligent systems in distribution logistics. They help us make processes as cost-effective and flexible as possible.

At more than 15 locations, we manage on average over 400 suppliers. Our distribution logistics portfolio also includes implementation of a suitable omni-channel approach as well as strategic returns concepts.

Employees in our Distribution Logistics department.


You can benefit from our wide range of services in distribution logistics, plus our absolute commitment to care and quality. Tailor-made warehouse concepts for flat or hanging goods in the sports & fashion area, spare parts logistics, the implementation of a multi-channel approach, or customized shipping and returns logistics for your online store – we meet all these challenges with the expertise we have developed over many years. Our promise to you: a constant focus on error-free, on-time picking of your customer orders.

Our services at a glance:

  • Omni/multi-channel fulfillment 
  • Material procurement, feed management Incoming goods inspection, unpacking, repacking 
  • Storage, replenishment control
  • Product finishing, repairs
  • Inventories, inventory management Shipping, distribution, shipping planning
  • Returns processing


We tailor our warehouse concepts as closely as possible to your concrete requirements. Based on the specific requirements of the products, the business volume, and the prevailing general conditions, we work out a flexible solution perfectly suited to your demands.

Depending on what you need, we can offer low-tech or high-tech concepts. It's important to us to maintain a close, trust-based dialog with you so that we understand your requirements down to the last detail.

These value-creating and tailor-made services round off our services portfolio

Mitarbeiter verpacken Produkte im Lager


Essential to the smooth flow of your logistics processes are the interlinking and control of the materials management systems and technical solutions used as well as the optimal deployment of employees. By linking all IT-relevant systems via standard or customized interfaces, we ensure a transparent data flow along your entire process chain. We develop our own IT systems, pursue sustainable solutions, and count on intelligent picking systems.

A birds'-eye view of the intelligent, automated picking system in distribution logistics.

Fast reaction times - you can rely on BLG LOGISTICS as your service partner

Do you want a service provider you can depend on and trust? BLG gives you just that. Among our strengths are high reliability and customer loyalty. Good contacts with our customers are very important to us. This is reflected in our longstanding relationships with customers over many years. It also ensures a high level of scalability between our locations from which you can benefit as our customer.

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