Do you supply your products via several distribution channels? Then perfect inter-connectivity of your distribution channels is essential – and we can provide it! We offer you holistic multi-channel fulfillment from a central stock of products. We're at your side wherever you want us – online or offline. We ensure your articles are always available at the locations where they are needed.

  • Supply of all distribution channels from a central stock

  • Greater article availability and optimized product inventories

  • Optimal market connection and delivery

  • Multi-industry competency: sports & fashion, living, consumer goods, electronics

Today's customers expect all articles to be available at all times, both in brick-and-mortar outlets and in online stores. Naturally, these expectations result in high demands on the logistics processes of every commercial and manufacturing company. BLG LOGISTICS can provide the solutions and works closely with you to develop holistic multi-channel logistics concepts.

What are the main challenges? With a multi-channel logistics solution, all distribution channels are supplied from a central stock of products. It makes no difference whether the customer order involves one sales unit or the supply of whole distribution centers with entire pallets. The precondition is that stocks are not allocated to particular channels. This consistent multi-channel approach results in overall higher availability of items and optimization of your product stocks.

Together with you, we develop the appropriate structure – from the initial concept to construction and operation of a logistics facility through to supply of your distribution channels. So you can focus on what matters most - your core business.

From the setup and further development of your online store to its marketplace connection, the design and implementation of packaging regulations, and right up to support for your call center and payment processing, we offer you the full package for multi-channel logistics.


Order picking that is on schedule with no errors is the prerequisite for happy customers. With more than 300 million picks per year at over 10 locations in Germany, we draw on extensive industry expertise. Our portfolio covers sports & fashion, living, consumer goods, electronics, DIY, and food.

Our process engineers find the best possible picking and shipping concept for you depending on assortment, order structure, and shipment volume. Picking must be standardized in such a way that similar picking orders result across all channels as far as possible. It is essential to fulfill specifications regarding lead times, volume fluctuations, and customer requirements, at the same time avoiding process errors and minimizing costs.

To do this and implement an optimal multi-channel logistics solution, we use various picking systems:

  • Single-step and multi-step picking

  • Order picking and batch picking 

  • Single and multi-order picking

  • Use of current technology solutions (pick-by-light, pick-by-voice, etc.)

  • Ongoing or downstream error checking (scanning, weighing technology, etc.)

We use uniform containers and boxes, and apply multi-order picking to combine small orders in collective containers.

Order picking and batch picking
Order picking and batch picking
We apply the right technology solutions for your business
We apply the right technology solutions for your business


Our many longstanding relationships with customers say it all. They also make it possible for us to scale operations between locations and transfer know-how. We support you from the start with projects to develop new locations and support a continuous improvement process so that we can grow along with you. Together, we can manage all future changes in a flexible, agile manner.

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