Are you looking for a service provider that offers professional fulfillment along the entire supply chain from one source? Whether online shop or conventional mail-order business – we have the right solutions for you, starting with the order process through warehouse storage, picking and shipping right up to returns management. Our fulfillment services range from taking over individual services to developing holistic multi-channel concepts for retailers, online shop operators, mail-order businesses and manufacturers, whatever the size of the business.

  • Fulfillment along the entire supply chain

  • E-commerce fulfillment for tailor-made solutions in online retailing

  • Holistic multi-channel / omni-channel fulfillment

  • Development of intelligent picking and warehouse solutions

  • Efficient returns management

With our logistics solutions for fulfillment, we ensure fast and safe dispatch of your goods to your customers. That is why we develop top-level, needs-based warehouse concepts for you so you can rely on prompt, error-free performance. Whether you want us to design and implement a suitable multi-channel approach or a tailored shipping and returns logistics for your online or brick-and-mortar shop – we take on all challenges. We draw on the expertise gained over years of experience so that you can be sure we will develop cost-effective, flexible solutions for you.
To get the best results, we apply intelligent systems and state-of-the-art technology. The fact that we manage on average more than 400 suppliers at more than 15 locations speaks volumes about our performance.


In cooperation with renowned partners, we offer scalable e-commerce fulfillment solutions. We would also be happy to support you with expanding your activities. Our fulfillment portfolio covers everything from shipping and returns processing to support with the setup or further development of your online shop. You can also rely on our help when it comes to payment handling or the operation of a customer service center.

With our high service quality and service orientation, we ensure optimal processing of all customer orders. Ideally, customers should enjoy a positive purchasing experience of your products. To help achieve this, we find the right packaging for safe, perfect transport. We support you with the selection of suitable packaging materials as well as the creation and implementation of the necessary packing regulations. We will also be happy to take care of enclosing targeted and non-targeted inserts and giveaways. So your products make a great impression straight away.

Kartons werden mit dem Fließband transportiert.
Use of the latest technology
Smart commissioning and fulfillment solutions that fit your needs.
Fulfillment solutions that fit your needs.
Efficient returns management in e-commerce fulfillment
Efficient returns management


Today's customers expect all articles to be permanently available, both in brick-and-mortar outlets and in online stores. This attitude presents major challenges for the logistics processes of any manufacturing or sales company. That is why closely interlinking your distribution channels is essential. We offer you holistic multi-channel fulfillment exactly where you want it – whether online or offline. Our job is to ensure your articles are always available at the locations where they are needed.

What are the main challenges? All sales channels are supplied from a central stock of products - irrespective of whether the customer order involves one sales unit or the supply of whole distribution centers with entire pallets. The precondition is that stocks are not allocated to specific channels. This consistent multi-channel approach results in overall higher availability of items and optimization of your product stocks. Looking at your requirements, we develop the right structure for you. It starts with a holistic concept. We can also provide the optimal IT solution for your requirements, set up and operate a logistics system and organize the supply of your sales channels. So you can focus on what matters most - your core business.

Conveyor system in a warehouse


Intelligent, needs-based picking and warehouse logistics are key elements of fulfillment logistics and the prerequisite for happy customers. Across all channels, we standardize picking as far as possible to ensure picking orders that are as similar as possible. The top priority for us is that all requirements in terms of lead times, volume fluctuations and customer requirements are met, preventing process errors and extra costs. We use various picking systems to reach these high standards: single-step and multi-step picking, order and batch picking, single and multi-order picking, pick-by-light, pick-by-voice and permanent or downstream error checking by scanning or weighing. We use uniform containers and boxes, and apply multi-order picking to combine small orders in collective containers.

Picking employee


Returns are an unavoidable part of the e-commerce business model. On top of this are complaints about defective goods, goods deliveries or other processes. In all processes, we focus on fast, consumer-friendly processing in order to rebuild the satisfaction of the end consumer.

In our transparent and fast management of returns and complaints, we use efficient processes for sorting and reprocessing in which the returns are checked and evaluated according to the specifications of the customer. At your request, we take over reconditioning to make items salable as well as the correction of defects, repackaging and any necessary disposal of defective goods. Additionally, we can provide you with the automated generation of credit notes. The services we offer in returns and complaints management also include taking care of the replacement delivery or return consignment and reverse transaction for the defective item. More than 600 trained specialists work on your returns logistics, using specialized, efficiency-boosting technologies.

At all stages, we apply extensive automation and the latest technologies. Together with you, our experts develop strategies to simplify your returns management, re-introduce the merchandise as cost-effectively as possible into your sales system and reduce your returns quota.

These value-creating and tailor-made services round off our services portfolio

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