You want to keep your customers satisfied with error-free, on-schedule order picking? Together with you, we develop the optimal picking and shipping concept for your company, depending on your assortment, order structure, and shipment volume. To do this, we focus on intelligent systems and cutting-edge technologies – for flexible, lean processes. Top priorities for us are customer orientation and high service quality so that your customers are happy with their purchase experience.

Intelligent picking systems tailored to your needsUse of modern, smart technologies (e.g. AutoStore)Value Added Services: Gift packaging, goods conditioning, giveaways and moreHigh service quality for an optimal purchase experienceIn cooperation with you, development of strategies for efficient, error-free processes for satisfied customers 

Picking in logistics refers to assembling orders from a central stock of products, for example a number of packages, products, or materials. This can be in response to a customer order or a production order. And this is where we can provide our expertise as a service provider. We are dedicated to ensuring satisfied customers and smooth production at all times. That's why we use various strategies to make our picking processes as efficient as possible: From the implementation of a modern warehouse management system to pick-by-voice, pick-by-light, the goods-to-man principle aided by automated small parts warehouses, right up to integration of state-of-the-art technologies (AutoStore).

Picking by finger scan.
Single-step and multi-step picking.

Whatever product is picked, whether the recipient is a private or a business customer, whether brick-and-mortar retailer outlet or online store, our process engineers find the best possible picking and shipping concept for you depending on assortment, order structure, and shipment volume. Picking must be standardized in such a way that similar picking orders result across all channels as far as possible.

It is essential to fulfill specifications regarding lead times, volume fluctuations, and customer requirements, at the same time avoiding process errors and minimizing costs.

To do this, we use various picking systems:

  • Single-step and multi-step picking
  • Order and batch picking
  • Single and multi-order picking
  • Use of current technology solutions (pick-by-light, pick-by-voice, etc.)
  • Ongoing or downstream error checking (scanning, weighing technology, etc.)

We use uniform containers and boxes, and apply multi-order picking to combine small orders in collective containers.

With our logistics solutions for goods picking, we ensure fast and safe dispatch of your goods to your customers. We develop custom warehouse and picking concepts for you to ensure on-time and error-free picking. Here we use various picking systems that guarantee reliable shipping right up to efficient returns management. Our focus in picking is the same as in everything else we do: care and quality. With our expertise, you benefit from smart, needs-based picking and optimal warehouse profitability.

Picking for e-commerce fulfillment.
Mitarbeiterin schiebt Rollbehälter mit Behältern durch das Lager


We will be happy to offer you tailored, error-free, and on-schedule product combination for individual end consumers. To increase the assortment range and prevent shortages of promotional or special-offer goods, we offer extensive value added services to upgrade finished products. These include:

  • Display construction and stocking: For attractive presentation of merchandise to the final consumer, we build and stock displays for you and pack them ready for shipping.
  • Labeling/ relabeling: We apply labels to your products, or if required relabel goods.
  • Gift packaging/ greetings cards: Your customers may want packages with a personal touch, so we offer gift packaging or enclose greetings cards on request.
  • Kitting: Kitting is the process of forming sets of articles by combining individually separate but linked elements, packaging them, and supplying them as a single unit. We flexibly combine article sets to your orders.
  • Packing: We pack products into new, country and customer-specific units for you in line with your requirements.
  • Modification of textiles: BLG LOGISTICS is your expert for refining and modifying textile articles. We offer a wide range of services from flock finishing to repairs and cleaning. Trained specialists carry out this work in top quality.
  • Leaflet inserts / targeted and non-targeted inserts: On request, we enclose leaflet inserts or other advertising material with products before shipping.
  • Repacking: Standard sizes don't always fit, so we repack merchandise to your requirements. We re-scale and pack products quickly, at low cost, and to customer specifications. That ensures efficient consolidation, storage, and shipping.
  • Merchandise processing: Especially for merchandise processing, we offer you a wide range of individual value-creating services. Included here are for instance applying flock finishes to textiles or relabeling. This widens your range and minimizes the risk of failures.
A team picking products.


Ideally, customers should enjoy a positive purchasing experience of your products. To help achieve this, we find the right packaging for safe, perfect transport. We support you with the selection of suitable packaging materials as well as the creation and implementation of the necessary packing regulations. We will also be happy to take care of enclosing targeted and non-targeted inserts and giveaways.

These value-creating and tailor-made services round off our services portfolio

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