All industries at a glance

Cutting-edge vehicle logistics via road, rail, and water

Handling and transporting more than 7.5 million vehicles per year, BLG LOGISTICS is the leading automobile logistics specialist in Europe. You can benefit right now by using our network for reliable and secure transport of finished vehicles!

Global expertise in auto parts logistics

We can provide comprehensive auto parts logistics from a single source – ranging from procurement of the packaging, to just-in-sequence production supply, and even through to taking charge of your on-site logistics including module assemblies. Learn about our services!

Break bulk
Qualified specialists in oversized goods

Each year, BLG LOGISTICS handles around two million tons of steel products, forest products, machinery, and other oversized goods. Learn about our services!

Electronics & High-Tech
Reliable logistics for your electrical components

As an experienced partner in handling sensitive and expensive electrical components, BLG LOGISTICS is in a position to provide you with global logistics services. You can leave your goods in our capable hands!

Sports & Fashion
Fashion logistics for strong brands

BLG LOGISTICS ensures the smooth handling of hanging or flat goods, and gains customers' confidence with its individually customized distribution solutions for the fashion industry.

Consumer products
Distribution solutions for all distribution channels

BLG LOGISTICS develops logistics for powerful brands from the furniture, clothing and lifestyle sectors. You can simply leave all your order processing to us!

IFS-certified logistics processes

From goods receipt, to storage, through to picking and delivery of semi-finished and finished goods, BLG LOGISTICS can offer you a wide range of services for your food products.

Engineering industry
More than just a logistics standard

From O-rings, to rail car bodies, through to turbines, BLG LOGISTICS can offer you a wide range of logistics services for technological goods. Find out the benefits of our expertise for yourself!

Climate and building services engineering
Logistics for individual production conditions

BLG LOGISTICS schedules and implements seamless distribution and transportation processes. We develop the necessary product-specific packaging concepts and implement them for you.

Shipping and forwarding
Creating links between countries

BLG LOGISTICS provides global freight forwarding services by water, rail, and road. Find out also about the services we provide in the areas of sea shipping administration as well as terminal and port logistics.

Wind energy
Innovative transportation, cargo handling, and warehousing solutions

BLG LOGISTICS gains customers' confidence with its impressive and extensive specialist knowledge in the area of offshore wind energy. With process chains that can be demonstrated, success is easily reproducible. You too can reap the benefits of our expertise!