Pre-Gate Pilot Phase Starts in Bremerhaven

BLG trials pre-parking area for auto terminal inflow traffic

On Monday in Bremerhaven, the pilot phase will officially be launched for a pre-gate system for truck processing, designed to significantly improve traffic flow in the entire port area. The project goal is to control the inflow of trucks onto the BLG AutoTerminal Bremerhaven, cut waiting times and guarantee optimal operations.

Initially in the pilot phase, all trucks arriving to pick up loads on the terminal in Bremerhaven will be handled via the pre-gate. The pre-parking area reserved for this is located at Grauwallring 34, separate from the public highway. It provides enough space to hold a total of over 100 trucks. The truck drivers will report to office containers, then wait in line in marked lanes. After approval, the drivers will get their access card and the trucks will drive to the relevant gates. In a second phase, the system will be expanded to include trucks delivering goods and all customers of the auto terminal.

"We deliberately scheduled the start of the pilot phase in the Easter period, which is a particularly busy time. That will allow us to stress-test the system in practice," explains the managing director of the auto terminal, Robin Steyer. "Because the pre-gate system is new for everybody, we expect we'll have to make a number of tweaks in the first few days. The pilot phase gives us the chance to fine-tune everything." The pre-gate could officially go into operation at the end of April. Robin Steyer adds: "We want to thank Heinrichs Logistic, the company letting the pre-parking area to us, as well as the local government officers for their support with our new solution."

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