COSCO Shipping Car Carriers starts test shipment with RoRo Car Carrier via Bremerhaven

Representatives of COSCO Shipping, BLG Automobile Logistics and PWL Port Services on a joint visit in Bremerhaven.

Today, the RoRo Carrier MV COSCO SHENGSHI moored in the North Port of Bremerhaven, starting a first test shipment to expand the service to Europe. COSCO currently has 24 new RoRo Car Carriers in its order book, which are scheduled for delivery from mid-2024. In the future, the fleet will consist of 29 vessels. Vincent Xu, Managing Director COSCO Shipping Specialized Carriers (Europe) B.V. from Rotterdam (Picture: fifth from right), and Lin Zhengxi, Managing Director COSCO Shipping Lines (Germany) GmbH (Picture: fourth from right), were also on site for the arrival of the ship.

"Bremerhaven will be an important port of entry for COSCO Shipping Carriers for Europe and we are looking forward to a good cooperation with our local partners like BLG to offer comprehensive and efficient logistics solutions to our customers," says Vincent Xu.

In Bremerhaven, 530 import vehicles are unloaded.

During this test run, the BLG AutoTerminal Bremerhaven team was responsible for unloading, handling and staging for forwarding 530 import vehicles. The COSCO SHENGSHI is loaded with around 1,000 vehicles as well as high & heavy goods. "We are very pleased that the shipping company COSCO Shipping Car Carriers has chosen Bremerhaven. This is an important impulse for future imports from China," explains Axel Bantel, Managing Director of Sales at BLG Automobile Logistics (Picture: third from left). And he continues: "Chinese manufacturers continue to gain in importance. As an important hub for the international automotive industry, we want and need to participate in this development."

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