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BLG LOGISTICS introduces application via WhatsApp

With the aim of making the application process even easier and more accessible for applicants, BLG LOGISTICS has introduced the application option via the popular messenger service WhatsApp. With modern communication channels such as WhatsApp, BLG provides applicants with low-threshold access to the company.

In an initial test phase, BLG is primarily equipping jobs for professional drivers or warehouse logistics with a QR code for applications via WhatsApp. The advantages are obvious: applicants can send their interest quickly and easily via text or voice message and even send CVs or references.
"In times of a dynamic labour market, it is essential to take innovative paths and create uncomplicated access to the company. For many people, WhatsApp is an everyday and natural means of communication. The decision to enable applications via WhatsApp underlines our commitment to a modern, future-oriented work culture in which we want to attract people to our company in a variety of ways," explains Ulrike Riedel, Labour Relations Director and member of the Board of Management at BLG.

However, convenience does not come at the expense of data protection. BLG LOGISTICS attaches great importance to protecting the privacy of applicants. All aspects of data protection law were intensively scrutinised in advance. The service provider that provides the interface to WhatsApp is certified in accordance with ISO 27001 and works in compliance with the GDPR. The chats via WhatsApp run directly via an interface in the applicant management system. No new technical equipment is required in the HR department. "By introducing applications via WhatsApp, we want to make the application process more flexible and accessible," explains Katja Wille, HR Marketing Officer at BLG. "We recognise that the way people communicate has changed and we want to reflect this change in the application process."


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