Process management: The foundation of logistics

Efficient logistics thanks to integrated methodology

At BLG LOGISTICS, process management forms the foundation for fully exploiting the dynamic developments in logistics for our customers. Whether we are dealing with the adjustment of individual processes or the redevelopment of complex logistics chains, we analyze all activities and create lean, transparent and sustainable logistics processes. As a result, we can react quickly and flexibly to changes and ensure efficient logistics control. 

For the consistent and systematic improvement of logistics processes in terms of total quality management, our process management is based on standardized processes such as the DMAIC cycle (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control). We understand our responsibilities defined by the Lean Management approach and want to live and implement continuous improvements in the organization. Our approach aimed at the development of procedural standards, stringent management of costs and operations as well as technical innovations in the context of sustainability. We see sustainability both in terms of Green Logistics as a principle for the organization of our projects. On this basis, we have developed our four pillars of process management: process identification, process analysis, process optimization, and process controlling. 

Process identification

Through precise process documentation by MTM (Methods Time Management)- system and transparent, standardized representation of the logistics processes, interfaces and opportunities for savings are revealed along the value chain. The process structure plan, which is drawn up based on detailed process mapping, and the process visualization provide the basis for further process analyses and optimization.  

Process analysis

Process time recording is carried out consistently in accordance with the REFA (German organization for work design, industrial organization and company development) system and forms the basis for dynamic and comprehensible process cost models – for us and for our customers. Using standardized methods and flexible approaches to finding solutions, we carry out weak point analyses and reveal areas of potential improvement. 

Process optimization

Our experienced process managers work constantly to optimize the processes for our customers and investigate the use of the latest process support systems such as automation, pick-by-voice and pick-by-light. Feasibility studies and simulations for the design of logistics processes help to optimize complex process flows, which in turn strengthens the competitive ability of our customers. 

Process controlling

In an increasingly competitive environment, process management contributes to cost efficiency and process stabilization by controlling logistics effectively. Precise control is achieved using performance, quality, and cost KPIs.

Benefits for our customers:

  • Sustainable optimization of the logistics processes
  • Transparency in the process costs
  • Evaluation of effects in the case of process changes
  • Guarantee of quality thanks to control of logistics

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