BLG AutoTerminal Kelheim: Third multi-story car park for Kia Deutschland goes into operation

50 kilometers of cables, 32 charging stations for electric vehicles, 2,800 LED lights: The third multi-story car park (P3) on the 547,000-m² BLG AutoTerminal Kelheim has successfully been integrated into ongoing operations at the site. This represents further growth of a major node in the international automobile logistics network of the BLG Group, which is headquartered in Bremen.

Sustainability and the latest construction standards
The P3 ensures even more efficient use of driving space and was built according to the latest construction standards. These include a planned photovoltaic system on the roof. It will be the second PV system at the location. A similar system was installed on another roof at the terminal in 2019. It generates 43,000 kWh of electricity, of which the terminal consumes 85 percent for its own purposes. Kelheim also re-uses water. Waste water is recycled so that a share of just 20 percent of fresh water is required for all work at the terminal.

At a length of 155 meters, a width of 84 meters, and a height of 23 meters, the new third multi-story car park is the largest at the Kelheim terminal. It was built exclusively for the customer Kia Deutschland. On eight parking decks, the building provides covered parking spaces for 5,368 Kia vehicles. That increases the number of covered parking spaces on the terminal site to a total of 13,000. Especially new vehicle customers value covered storage.

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Time-lapse video: GOLDBECK

On-schedule and on-budget
The new P3 was built by the GOLDBECK Ost GmbH – Branch Regensburg. Despite the pandemic, the project remained on-schedule and on-budget. The investment volume for the new multi-story car park was some EUR 24 million.

Alongside the vertical capacity expansion, the BLG Group has signed a long-term contract on further cooperation with Kia Deutschland. The BLG terminal near Regensburg has been working for the South Korean auto manufacturer since the opening of the Kia factory in Zilina, Slovakia, in 2006. The new vehicles for the German market reach the Kelheim terminal by railroad, then undergo technical reconditioning including special modifications before going into storage. BLG AutoTransport GmbH & Co. KG, which operates its own center at the terminal, distributes the vehicles to dealers.

Facts and figures on the new P3:

1,000 complete displacement columns (piles)
4,000 metric tons of construction steel
1,600 m³ of foundation concrete
6,000 concrete slabs
50 kilometers of filled concrete joints
2,800 LED lights with 13 kilometers of system cables for lighting
32 wall-mounted charging points for e-mobility
118 battery chargers with 4,250 meters of rails
20 kilometers of heat sensor cables for the fire alarm system underneath the concrete ceilings
5 kilometers of fire alarm cables
50 kilometers of electric cables in 2.5 kilometers of cable channels

About the BLG auto terminal Kelheim
Founded in 1995, the BLG AutoTerminal Kelheim is an important node in the BLG Group's international automobile logistics network. It is ideally located for the consolidation of vehicles and subsequent distribution to dealers in Germany and the BENELUX countries. Vehicles arrive in Kelheim mainly by barge from Hungary, by truck from the South German automobile factories, or by rail from Slovakia and the Czech Republic. The vehicles go into interim storage at the terminal and from there they are distributed to dealers throughout the country.

So far, 27,000 cars have been stored on the 547,000-m² open-air area and in two multi-story car parks built in 2007 and 2009. Now, with the third indoor car park, this figure has risen to 32,000 parking spaces. Apart from terminal handling and vehicle storage, the service portfolio includes comprehensive technical services such as vehicle preparation, washing, underbody protective coating, painting and special fittings. The terminal has two railroad connections and berths for inland barges.

The new "P3" multi-story car park at BLG AutoTerminal Kelheim consists of eight decks with covered parking spaces for 5,368 Kia vehicles.

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