Bremerhaven welcomes new electric SUVs

At 6 o’clock this morning, BLG AutoTerminal Bremerhaven started operations with a new vehicle model. The BMW iX3 is the first fully electric SUV from the car manufacturer, and is scheduled for market launch shortly.

The initial units reached Bremerhaven last night on the NYK Line ship “Phoenix Leader”. After discharging, the vehicles were loaded onto trucks for distribution to dealers all over Germany and Europe – in preparation for the market launch. More ships with the new electric vehicles are expected to land in Bremerhaven this year.

The BLG AutoTerminal Bremerhaven is one of the world's largest vehicle handling ports. The terminal handles 2.1 million vehicles per year (figure for 2019). Each year, 1,300 vehicle-transporting ships dock at the terminal. All the major shipping lines for vehicles regularly use Bremerhaven. The facility in the port city can accommodate up to 70,000 vehicles.

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