Inland terminal

Vehicles usually arrive at Kelheim by barge from Hungary, by truck from automobile plants in southern Germany, or by train from Slovakia or the Czech Republic. They are put into interim storage at the terminal and then distributed from the terminal to the dealerships throughout Germany. BLG also carries out the technical processing of vehicles in its own workshop on the site.

The terminal in terms of figures

Total area 507,000 m²
Storage capacity 26,000 vehicles
of this, covered storage capacity 7,800 vehicles
of this, uncovered storage capacity 18,200 vehicles
Multi storey car parks 2
Railtracks & headramps 2
Barge berths 1
Workshops 2
Paintshop 1
Opening time for unloading/loading 24/7
Working time Mo. – Fr. 6:00 - 23:00h

Technical center

On the Kelheim site, BLG offers technical centres in which vehicles from different manufacturers are processed with a high level of technical expertise. The technical centres are equipped with three car-wash plants, two paint booths, and numerous lifting platforms for carrying out repairs and body cavity sealing.

The spectrum of services, among others, includes inspection, depreservation, and washing, through to painting work, repairs, and modifications.

Truck base

Our truck fleet provides for the transport of vehicles from the auto terminal or the plants to the dealers. Our national truck bases include Bremerhaven, Dodendorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Kelheim, Neuss, Paderborn, Schöps and Wallenhorst.

All truck bases at a glance

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