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Mission Climate

our path to net zero emissions

Climate change presents us all with major challenges - ecologically, socially and also economically. We at BLG LOGISTICS want to play our part in limiting to global warming in line with the Paris Climate Agreement. We are concentrating our commitment in "Mission Climate", our path to becoming a balance sheet climate-neutral company. 

We are on a shared mission to protect our climate. BLG LOGISTICS supports the 1.5 degree target and want to be climate neutral by 2030.

What this means is that in global terms, our business operations do not increase the level of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. To achieve this target, we will reduce our own emissions significantly by 30 percent (Scope 1+2), and we will cut those caused outside the company through our business operations by 15 percent (Scope 3). Both are absolute targets – in other words irrespective of how strongly we grow. In addition, we are investing in hand-picked and certified climate protection projects. The rationale behind this is simple: Like this, we are helping to ensure that those emissions that we cannot avoid entirely are saved elsewhere instead. Thus the emissions are offset and in combination with our own reductions we will achieve our target: net zero by 2030 – and BLG LOGISTICS will be a balance sheet climate-neutral company.

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Das Icon zeigt einen Negativtrend, als Zeichen für einen immer geringer werdenden Energieverbrauch.

Wherever it is viable, we are increasing our energy efficiency to enable us to deliver enhanced performance with the same input.

Das Icon zeigt eine Glühlampe, als Sinnbild für die eigene Produktion von Strom durch Photovoltaikanlagen.

We generate our own clean electricity, for example by using photovoltaic systems at our terminals.

Das Icon zeigt eine Pflanze mit einem Stecker als Blüte, darstellend für den zunehmenden Einkauf von Ökostrom.

We are increasingly buying in green electricity.

The right partner – also when it comes to protecting the climate

The emissions that we produce are also included in the calculation of our customers’ carbon footprint. We know that they – just like many other companies in the supply chain as well as ourselves – are looking for ways to safeguard the climate within the scope of their business activities. This makes it all the more important for us to be a good partner to them in this respect as well. All the better, therefore, that our Mission Climate has a positive impact on their environmental track record. In addition, we also offer climate-neutral services. Once the specific greenhouse gas emissions have been calculated, we can offset them through high-quality climate protection projects. In this way, together we develop climate-neutral solutions for the logistics of tomorrow.

Scientifically-based commitment

It is important to us that our mission demonstrably benefits the climate. That is why we are having our goal – to reduce emissions in absolute terms – scientifically assessed and certified by the independent Science Based Targets initiative. The SBTi is a collaboration of leading non-governmental organizations that champions science-based emission reduction target setting. 

Logo Science Based Targets

The overall objective is to limit global warming to well below 2°C compared to pre-industrial levels, in line with the Paris Climate Agreement. Our commitment makes us one of the leading international logistics service providers in this area.

Find out more about SBTi.

Starting on our own doorstep

When it comes to climate protection, avoidance comes first, followed by reduction and, if all else fails, offsetting. The same goes for our business travel:

Arbeitsmaterialien liegen auf dem Schreibtisch

Avoid: We only carry out necessary business trips and increasingly rely on digital meetings.

Auto wird mit Elektrostrom aufgeladen

Reduce: We choose our means of transportation consciously and in our company car fleet increasingly rely on models with alternative drive systems.

Offset: With immediate effect, we are offsetting all business flights and the CO2 emissions caused by the use of our company cars. Read more about sustainability at BLG LOGISTICS here.


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