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BLG LOGISTICS welcomes the BYD Explorer No. 1 to the AutoTerminal

The BYD Explorer No. 1 embarked on its maiden voyage from the port of Shenzhen, China in mid-January. Today BLG LOGISTICS welcomes the almost 200-meter ro-ro carrier to the BLG AutoTerminal Bremerhaven for the first time.

It is also significant that the Explorer No. 1 is the first of eight ships owned by BYD to be deployed for automobile transports from China to Europe.

„We’re delighted to be able to welcome the BYD Explorer No. 1 to our quay after its maiden voyage,” said Matthias, COO and Member of the board of the BLG Group. „ Our port has been serving automobile manufacturers around the world for many years. By choosing our port, BYD underlines its importance as an international hub for automobile logistics. We handle vehicles, put them into storage, perform technical services, and take care of distribution by truck, train, and ship.”

With its annual handling capacity of more than 1.7 million vehicles, the BLG AutoTerminal Bremerhaven ranks among the largest automobile terminals in the world. All the major shipping lines for vehicles regularly use Bremerhaven, and every year some 1,000 car carriers arrive at the terminal. 
On an area covering 295 hectares, the BLG facility offers vehicle manufacturers optimal areas and equipment. There is space for some 70,000 vehicles before they are further transported by road, rail, or waterway. The BLG Group also offers customers technical services in three technical centers.


Excellent conditions for automotive manufacturers
Kristina Vogt, Bremen's Senator for the Economy, Ports, and Transformation, also welcomed the arrival of the BYD Explorer No. 1 as good news: „The arrival of the RoRo carrier 'BYD Explorer No. 1' at BLG AutoTerminal Bremerhaven is a strong example of our port's ability to master specialised logistics challenges. This first call not only emphasises the efficiency of our port infrastructure, but also confirms Bremerhaven's essential role in the efficient handling of international automobile transports, especially in the area of RoRo shipment.”

For its vehicle logistics, automobile manufacturer BYD uses ro-ro carriers such as the BYD Explorer No. 1, but also ships its vehicles in containers. „Bremerhaven offers both options in a free port. That’s unique in Europe, and a great advantage for our clients,” said Matthias Magnor.

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