BLG and Hyundai GLOVIS launch joint venture

In May 2022, the joint venture BLG GLOVIS BHV GmbH started operations at the AutoTerminal Bremerhaven. During a meeting on site, high-ranking representatives of the shipping line and BLG officially opened the joint office in the Kaiserhafen port.

Over the coming years, Hyundai GLOVIS will develop the BLG AutoTerminal Bremerhaven into a European hub for its automobile transports between Asia and Europe. The core of the joint venture is formed by two dedicated berths and a pre-parking area for vehicles.These facilities shorten the transport routes for Hyundai and KIA vehicles as well as for models from other manufacturers which the shipping line also transports. However, the AutoTerminal Bremerhaven remains a universal port open to all shipping companies.

The office is officially opened: (from left) Donghwan Suh, Managing Director BLG GLOVIS BHV GmbH, Taewoo Kim, Vice President/Head of Ocean Division Hyundai GLOVIS, Andrea Eck, Member of the Board of Management for the AUTOMOBILE Division of BLG LOGISTICS, Hans Brähler, Managing Director BLG GLOVIS BHV GmbH, and Michael Bosch, Managing Director BLG AutoTerminal Bremerhaven.

"We're delighted that we can pool volumes and secure them for our location in a difficult market environment. This is a major milestone for our business," said Andrea Eck, Head of the AUTOMOBILE division of BLG LOGISTICS, during the meeting on May 19, 2022.

Tae Woo Kim, Vice President/Head of Ocean Division in Hyundai GLOVIS, added: "Now we aim to further develop our joint business. That's why our next step is looking at options for High&Heavy cargo handling."

The joint venture is run by two Managing Directors, one in Korea and one in Bremerhaven. Hans Brähler is responsible at BLG, Donghwan Suh at Hyundai GLOVIS. The new company also draws on additional expertise from the Controlling department. As before, the AutoTerminal staff are responsible for cargo handling.

Hyundai GLOVIS is one of the world's largest ro-ro shipping lines. After successful cooperation ventures in the CONTAINER division with Maersk Line (EUROGATE NTB North Sea Terminal Bremerhaven) and MSC (EUROGATE MSC Gate Bremerhaven), „BLG GLOVIS BHV GmbH“ is the first joint venture in automobile handling at a BLG seaport in Germany.

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