Out of school and into professional life!

We offer internships for high school students, twelve different apprenticeships, and a dual curriculum. Industrial, technical, or commercial? You’ll learn with great instructors who will energetically support you.

BLG LOGISTICS is more than just theory - discover our diversity.

High school student internships

You answer your math homework question correctly while on the bus to school. That is an important principle in logistics and is called “just in time”.

Do you want to learn more about the fascinating world of logistics?

Learn everything about internships for high school students at BLG LOGISTICS!

  • 2 - 6 week placement
  • Available in many locations
  • Get to know different areas and jobs
  • Really get involved

Apprenticeship at BLG LOGISTICS - in the commercial area

Apprenticeship at BLG LOGISTICS - in the industrial area

Apprenticeship at BLG LOGISTICS - in the technical area

Meet us in person - Job fair in Germany

Jobmesse Frankfurt March 4/5, 2017 Frankfurt a.M.
Praxisbörse Bremen April 25, 2017 Uni Bremen
Vocatium May 18/19, 2017 Messe Bremen
job4u Virtuell May 31, 2017 Internet
job4u Bremerhaven / BIM August 18/19, 2017 Bremerhaven
job4u Bremen September 1/2, 2017 Weserstadion Bremen
Welt der Logistik September 21, 2017 BLG-Forum Bremen
Praktisch September 28, 2017 Wilh. Olbers Schule Bremen
jobmesse bremen November 11/12, 2017 Bremen

Still undecided?

School, university, or an apprenticeship?

With your high school diploma in your pocket, you have the agony of choice. There are lots of ways to enter professional life, and it is not always easy to make a decision.

We will show you why an apprenticeship is the right decision. Learn more here!

Is my dream job right for me?

Do you want to find out if your dream job is really right for you? Take the practical test at BLG LOGISTICS and get to know us during an internship.

Interested? High school student internship at BLG LOGISTICS

Current vacancies

Vacancies in germany

All our departments in Germany offer a wide range of different jobs. The current vacancies you will find under the link below. You just have to choose your favorite workplace, job type and field of work. Due to the location, all our job advertisements are in written in German.

Vacancies in germany

Vacancies worldwide

All over the world we are searching for new employees continuously. If you are interested in jobs on a special international department, just follow the link below and find an overview over all our departments. For current vacancies or an application please contact the contact person of the respective department. 

Vacancies worldwide

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